Why non-dualism is the ultimate truth

So, why is Non-Dualism true? the first question dumb theist asks to atheists is that, if god is not there, how did this world came into existance?

To which ,we atheists generally reply : “Everything came from nothing”, and theists say that “How can everything come from nothing” , but then, we, nondualistic atheists are the people are the only ones who can answer this question.

So, How can everything come from nothing? The answer is that, everything IS nothing and we are just living in an illusion , even as you are reading this article. there are three evidences to this :

Scientific evidences for non-dualism

  • The String theory : The String Theory states that every sub atomic particle is basically made up of small vibrational strings which oscillates around in different frequencies to form different sub-atomic particles like Quarks, Photons, Gluons, Bosons, etc. and then all sub-atomic particles come together to form different atoms and then different atoms come together to form different molecular structures, which is the base for all life forms for us 
  • So this means that basically, everything is just vibration to the core, and all we are doing is living in a delusion where we se non solid things as solid things
  • Our consciousness is not included in this illusion because it is not inside our body. There is no part in our brain where your “self” or your consciousness resides, as said by sir Sam Harris.
  • By taking our consciousness to the core of this illusion, we can break through this illusion and attain what we call “enlightenment”. Note that enlightenment here is not some supernatural bullshit because of which we will know everything in the universe, but rather a realization that we are living in an illusion.

Philosophical evidences for non-dualism

fantasy, light, mood
  • The uncertainity of our consciousness : As said in an earier point, there is no place in our brain where our consciousness resides. And this is why Sam Harris said that the self is an illusion, but Advaita or non-dualism says that everything else is an illusion and only and only the self is real.
  • Everything else is an illusion because of the string theory, and the only part on our body which is not physical is our consciousness because it is not present anywhere in our body. So vice versa of what Sam Harris has said is true. Only our self is real, and the rest of the world is an illusion, even our thoughts and our mind.

Now I want some Skeptics to find loopholes and problems in this so that I can adjust my philosophy of nondualism of Advaita

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