5 Reasons why you have weak will

You are a person who is scrolling through social media, sitting all day watching Netflix and munching on that 2000 calorie burger, but still, you break whenever you face the smallest of problems and start talking about. 

While some people are out there standing strong at -5 degree Celsius  without proper medication services or food supply. Why is it so? Why are some people willing to sacrifice their everything while some people break down from small problems?

 Below are the 5 Reasons why

1. You don't have a purpose

This is the main reason why military soldiers can stand at -5 degrees, this is the reason why entrepreneurs work 18 hours a day and this is the reason why people are happy to rather die than being nothing. 

If you don’t take control of your own life and don’t set a purpose, the system will set it for you, and believe me, the system will make you a living robot and pull the soul out of you. 

If you don’t wanna work for the system ,the only way is to create your own system. That can be tough, but not impossible. 

2. You always give a f*ck

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Yes, yes you do, don’t deny it!! Instead work on it and be more mindful. Posting pictures on Instagram with captions like “I don’t give a f*ck about what people say” is the biggest hypocrisy.

Why would you be on a platform which compares people based on likes and followers and claim to not give a f*ck?!! I don’t understand it. If you really don’t give a f*ck, prove it to yourself!! not to other people. 

People usually try to prove other people that they don’t give a f*ck and then get offended when someone says opposite of their thought process.   

3. You have a low attention span

till 2025, people will only have 8 seconds of attention span on average, that’s lower than the attention span of a gold fish. And this is all because of social media

Don’t get me wrong, social media can also be used to share some useful things, but sadly, no one uses it that way. 

Another great thing about increased attention span apart from developing a high will power is that it will make your career boom. Think about it carefully, in a world where people would usually have 8 seconds attention span, you can easily achieve your dreams by increasing it. 

4. You are too much bound to material pleasures

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Although it’s a totally subjective point of view, but still, having material desires apart from your goal statement can lethally damage your will power for sure. How?

Well the more you will engage in material desires like junk food and porn, the more your health will degrade (mental and physical), the more your health will degrade, the more your self esteem will degrade, as more and more of your self-esteem will degrade, the more your will power will get demolished. 

So stop engaging in products and activities that does not help you to become what you want to become. Material pleasures are tempting, but only and only rejecting them consciously can increase your will power.

5. You get influenced badly

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Your mindset is derived from average of 5 people you live with, the average of content you consume and the average of the work you spend hours doing. 

Ever heard of neuro-plasticity? Your brain changes it shape (structure of neurons) by every passing hour. That means, even if you have completely destroyed your own life, you can get back on track, there are no excuses. 

So get up, kick some ass and kick start living your new life like your dreams

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