Top 10 Vegan sources of protein : Ranked

We now have taken Veganism so far that almost everyone knows that Veganism is something really more than just saving animals. People become vegan for various reasons like weight loss, reduce animal cruelty, help recovering climate change caused by the meat industry etc. 

This article is for people who want to loose weight and gain some lean, sexy muscles while being vegan.  Here are the 10 most awesome vegan protein sources which are healthy + tasty.

10. Soy

Despite being in lot’s of controversies, soy actually isn’t that bad. It has 52g of protein per 100g which means is literally the food with most protein ratio on planet Earth. More than anything!! Meat, fish, eggs, you name it. 

But then a question arises, why is it not no.1 on our list? Well because the most amount of soy doctors would recommend to eat in a day is 80g. Because eating more than 100g of soy can cause hormonal imbalance in your body (phyto-estrogen). 

Although the research is still not clear, you should eat 100g of soy in a week. or 50g every day to get high quality complete protein along with Omega 3 fatty acids

9. Fox Nuts

Fox Nuts, also known as Makhana in Southern Asia is a great source of protein which packs 14g of protein per 100g. This Foxnuts are nothing but lotus seeds that are puffed in salt or sand. 

It is mainly eaten as snacks in India and Pakistan. It tastes awesome when dry roasted with Olive-oil and then sprinkled some rock salt upon it

7. Tofu

tofu packs 20g of protein per 100g, that is less than half of soy, so why is it ranked above soy? That’s because tofu has no such limits of eating it. You can eat tofu until your stomach gets full. That’s because in order to make tofu, soy needs to be fermented which destroys the phyto-estrogens in it.

That maybe the reason Japanese people eat tofu all day and never face hormonal imbalance.

8. Lentils

Any type of lentils generally have between 20-30 g of protein per 100g. But what makes lentils even more awesome is the variety of it and the types of dishes we can make from them.

 We can use them to make curry, numerous amounts of desserts or quick recipes like soup.

7. Oats

100g of oats contain 12g of protein , and 38g of complex carbohydrates which include 18g of fiber along with a negligible amount of fats which is pretty impressive,

Because of this, oats become the prime choice for people who want to loose weight fast and gain some lean muscles without getting bulky.

6. Wheat bread

Wheat bread has 15g of protein per 100g and it also has 13g of soluble fiber which keeps your gut health in check and also reduces cholesterol levels.

Wheat breads are readily available in supermarkets and stores and one can easily make flat breads at home. Wheat makes wheat protein awesome is it’s availability, cheapness and frequency of use

5. Rice

If we have mentioned wheat, how can we not mention rice. Rice is a common food that packs 7-16 g of protein per 100g according to which type you choose.

Rice can be eaten in many ways, be it desserts, porridge, plain or with lentil or any other curry

4. Chia seeds

Chia seeds are awesome source of protein which has 19g of protein per 100g. But apart from it’s protein chia seeds are mainly known for it’s 35g of soluble fiber.

Chia seeds are beneficial in many health problems like obesity , weak digestion, etc

3. Broccoli

Finally!! the representative of all vegan foods!! Broccoli is just awesome!! No doubt in it. It has  3.4g of protein per 100g. What!! Just 3.4g, yes 3.4g and still it is in the top 3. Why?

Well because while other foods in this list surpass 200 calories within 100g, hundred grams of broccoli only has 34 calories. That means if you want a nutritious meal without worrying about calorie and eat as much as you can, broccoli is an awesome option. 

2. Chickpeas

100g of boiled Chickpeas give you 20g of protein along with it’s amazing taste. 

They are tasty, they are nutritious and they are awesome, what else do you need in your life when you can have an awesome bowl of Chickpeas hummus with some nachos?

1. Seiten

seiten a food made from gluten, the main protein of wheat. It is made by washing wheat flour dough with water until all the starch granules have been removed, leaving the sticky insoluble gluten as an elastic mass, which is then cooked before being eaten

It has 26g or rich readily available protein for your body to absorb and it also tastes awesome. If you are looking for a meat alternative with high protein, this is it!

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