What women don’t understand about “men going their own way”

Men going their own way, a.k.a MGTOW is the modern day equivalent to becoming a monk. You stay celibate, you take control over your life by eliminating all bodily desires and you don’t be in any relationship with women. 

But some feminists think men going their own way is a misogynistic cult. Today, we are going to break this delusion. 

Below are the things which women don’t understand about “men going their own way” : 

We respect women

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Many feminists jump out on this movement because they think we oppose the existence of women, that is not true!! We also have relationships with women, we love our moms , our siblings and our co-workers. 

We also want to be good sons and brothers, it’s just that we are not good lovers towards the women of millennials and gen-z. 

We just stay away from women because of the gyno-centric laws. We generally are high value men and seek un-conditional love from both sides, but unfortunately, un-conditional love is extinct. 

Men-going their own way even respect women more than normal men because we see them as our sisters and oppose the objectification of women which generally po*n addict beta cucks do. 

MTOW online communities are fake

Generally, all the different social media forum members and r/mgtow members are fake MGTOWs, because they are misogynistic towards women. 

The real men who go their own way prefer not to talk about women at all, so if you see any man who is being misogynistic and trying to identify himself as a man who is going his own way, just don’t believe him. 

Men going their own way are generally so full of life and are so busy pursuing higher goals in our lives that we prefer not waste time talking about something that we decided to stay away from. 


We are spiritual

Men going their own way generally either follow the concept of Bramhacharya (celibacy with the help of sexual transmutation of energy) or follow the Buddha, Shiva or Jesus Christ. 

Some of the MGTOWs specially joined this philosophical spectrum just to be more spiritual and achieve more freedom to explore their lives from a  first person perspective. 

MGTOWs want more freedom so that we can examine each aspect of their life carefully and create philosophies of our own without the interference of the opposite gender. 

Women should not feel guilty

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Some women start to feel guilty and say things like : 

 “men are going their own way because we are being too harsh on them and making them feel guilty for being a man“.

No dear ,stop. We are generally men with a warrior mentality, so even if anyone goes harsh on us, it’s all fun and games. We just go our own way to explore life from a different perspective, to channel our consciousness into business, art, science, etc. Instead of love and sex. 

The men who go their own way because of feminists are generally betas who are snowflakes  regarding every single small situation in their respective lives.

Men going their own way know that good and sensible women are also there, but we still choose to ignore that fact and go our own way because of the fact that we can’t just pin point suitable women for us. 

I hope this article clears all your grudges against MGTOW

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