5 Ways to transmute your sexual energy

Your sexual energy is basically a gift from nature to you, it can turn your life upside down once you know how to transmute it successfully through various channels. 

People think either talking about it is taboo or it is to be only let out form the dirty channel of lust. In this article, you will learn the 5 different ways to transmute it. 

1. Transmute your sexual energy into creative energy

As said in Yoga, your lower chakras can be used for two different purposes, one can be of fulfilling the desire of your mind and wasting your sexual energy into some cheap moments of bliss, or you can make yourself more creative to it. 

Just start abstaining from sexual pleasures and thoughts and try to put all your focus into creating something, you will start to feel that you are much more creative when your sexual urges are not fed. 

If you look at some of the most creative people on earth like Leonardo Da Vinci, or Steve Jobs, they all mentioned how their abstinence from sexual desires made their mind more creative. 

2. Transmute sexual energy to build your physique

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If you are a female, your sexual energy would be more on the feminine side and if you are a male then your sexual energy would be on the masculine side. Because of this, you can transmute it into building the ideal physique for your gender. 

One famous example of a man who abstained from sexual energy for building a body like diamond can be Bruce Lee. He was an absolute legend who was considered uneatable martial artist at his time. 

Bruce Lee said that while masturbating, we heavily build up our sexual tension, both in our brain and on our genitals, but a true fighter is never tensed, he is always relaxed and ready to face any situation that life gives him. 

3. Transmute it into spiritual energy

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Your sexual energy is basically a super power that nature has given you and every other human beings on this earth, but the truth is that only few of us know how to use it in a right way. 

You can use this immense energy into wetting your bed sheets, or you can use this energy into knowing yourself to the core. It is completely your choice and it is totally subjective, nothing it bad.

In Yogic and Buddhist and tradition, it is said that the person who can abstain from the strongest desire and can focus on his/her goals would be the person who gets enlightenment. And we all know that a human’s strongest desire is his sexual desire 

4. Use it for law of attraction

You’ve probably heard of Law of attraction, where if you write your goal down with a burning desire on a paper, the universe will help you complete it no matter what happens. 

Law of attraction is a spiritual phenomenon which cannot be observed by our eyes, and as we mentioned earlier, you can transmute your sexual energy into spiritual energy to know yourself better. 

But apart from knowing yourself better, you can also use it to make the law of attraction work more faster and can also make your life more lubricated. 

5. Use it to express love

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No!!, Sex is neither bad nor good, it is the very basic element of nature. It depends on how you do it and this is what makes it good or bad. If you only use it to fulfil your fetishes and sexual desires on a random one night stand, then it is bad. 

But if you truly use it to express love to your loved one and connect your souls through your body, then it is the best way to transmute your sexual energy and no joy in this world can be better than it. 

In this age of hyper-lust, sex is either seen as taboo or only as a bodily way to fulfil the itches in your genital organs. 

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