7 Traits of a good leader

Whether it’s to lead a powerful organization or just to make sure a group of friends are having good time, leadership skills are very important in your life. Below are the seven traits that all great leader posses and you should also work on it : 

1. They radiate positive energy

Have you ever saw a person who just came in and lighted up a room?  Well you may have noticed a good leader then. Apart from having good grooming, they instantly attracts people around them.

There is nothing more important in a team than passion and a strong will to succeed, and being a positive leader is a vital part of that. If you are a person who always think pessimistically, stop!! Because as one of the greatest business leaders, Warren Buffet said “Be optimistic, the world is not for pessimistic people”. 

Even when things get rough, you need to be a person that encourages his team in the most positive manner possible. Not only will it make you more likeable and trustable, it will also boost your team’s morale which will very important in any kind of task. 


2. They have a proactive attitude

When something goes wrong,  it is easy to blame someone and get out of the situation, but that is not what good leader do. They know  a fact that their team is now a part of them and they have to hold responsibilities for thing that they haven’t even done. 

Having a calm mind is also very important in such situations. Great leaders ignore who did the problems and completely shift their focus on the problem that has now occurred. If you want to be a great leader, you should focus on your problem more than any person. 

3. They delegate tasks completely

Great leaders know value of the time, and so they always focus on doing tasks they should do. Let’s say you have the potential to make $50 extra per day in 2 hours after office, but still that time is gone in cleaning the house and making food. 

Great leaders know what’s important so they outcast most of the tasks that don’t hold value and focus on the most difficult tasks that can earn them more and more. 

They know what tasks hold value and what doesn’t.

4. They are approachable

Are you doing a 9-5? If yes, is the boss approachable to you? Is he like a friend to you? Maybe not. But at the same time, if you look at the owner of the company, the person who pioneered the company you are working in, he is approachable, even by a janitor

Great leaders are often busy in their tasks, but still, they are approachable by their team for any problems, their team know that they can rely on the leader if needed any help. 


5. They do what they expect of others

You would never see Warren Buffet forcing a employee in Bersherk to make a 300% returns a year, when he himself gets about 50%. In fact in his interview Warren Buffet said that he is happy with this employees gaining even 30%. 

Great leader never force people the tasks that they can’t do themselves. If you are a person who hired a more genius person than you, you would probably fail, because the genius person will see you as a idiot. 

Great leader never say people to do what they themselves can’t. Well hiring a professional who knows more than you is good, but take care that you are the most aware person in the world of that particular tasks.  

6. They are quick at making decisions

Great leaders know a fact that “doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will”. Successful people never doubt, neither themselves, nor their team members. They analyze a situation carefully and make bold decisions. 

Even if they fail, they learn from it, because they know for a fact that wasting time on doubting a decision will get them nothing except regret. So they trust themselves and their team and make bold decisions

If you, as a leader, wait for a decision for a long time, your team may lose belief slowly, so your job as a leader is not to make a right decision, ,but to make  decision. 

7. They have a lot's of Courage

It can be hard to speak up at work, whether you want to voice a new idea, provide feedback to a direct report, or flag a concern for someone above you. That’s part of the reason courage is a key skill for good leaders. Rather than avoiding problems or allowing conflicts to fester, courage enables leaders to step up and move things in the right direction. A workplace with high levels of psychological safety and a strong coaching culture will further support truth and courage.      Thank you for reading this article, please comment down to encourage me if you like this article.   And also, If you truly want to learn a high income skill for free, you can learn crypto trading for free here : CLICK HERE to join

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