The 30 days hell challenge – Make yourself invincible

“If you want to become and angel, you have to pass through hell first”, a famous biblical quote that inspires people to go hard on themselves. Why do you think monks and yogis have such level of concentration?

Is it only meditation that makes them such sorted humans? Well yes, meditation does help, but apart from it, it’s their discipline for avoiding all the material pleasures in their lives to become one with the universe. 

What if you do the same? what if you abstain from watching social media, eating junk food, binging on Netflix and even from porn and masturbation for a month? Well here’s what happen to you from my experience : 

You will become more sensitive towards happiness

In your current state of mind, you would probably get happy in certain conditions like eating good food or watching porn, etc. But when you abstain from all material pleasures for a month, this will change. 

You will start to find happiness in every little aspect of life. Even a cool breeze of wind will give you more happiness than watching Netflix. There will be no reason for you to be happy. 

Happiness will become more of a habit than a choice or an event for you.

After 30 days, you will obtain laser sharp focus

glasses, reading glasses, spectacles

You will recover from all the damage that social media has done to your brain. An average person  changes content in every 10 seconds on social media, this makes your mind adapt that way. 

Your mind adapts the habit of doing task for shorter span if time, as a result, you are not able to perform long period tasks like study and meditation

But after this 30 day hell, you will tend to enjoy studying or meditating and will completely recover from low attention span that social media caused you. You will focus start like a monk. 


You will know the value of human interaction

conversation, talk, talking

After leaving social media, you will be desperate to talk to someone ever second and try to get the same level of stimulus every second. But after finding out that most of your friends  are busy in social media, you will realize the value of human interaction. 

You will come to realize how while connecting you to everyone else, social media disconnected you from yourself and your friends that are present with you in real life. 

I’ve seen a room full if people who were friends to each other, but instead of talking to each other, they were all busy in scrolling through their phone.

 And like me, you would probably feel sad while imagining this scenario after 30 days of hell.   

You will become truly unique

No, showing off stuff on Instagram doesn’t make you unique, it makes you an idiot full of FOMO. What will truly make you unique after the 30 days of hell is you ability to focus on things for larger span of time. 

Because as Bruce Lee said “an extraordinary person is just an ordinary person with laser like focus“. You will also walk one the path of truly becoming extraordinary. 

On social media platforms like Instagram, people are desperate to show everyone how extraordinary they are, which makes them ordinary with a delusion of being extraordinary

But you will break out of this delusion after the 30 days of hell and truly become extraordinary

You will find your passion

So you don’t have anyone to talk with on social media, you are not allowed to watch porn or masturbate and also not allowed to waste your time by binge watching Netflix series, so what the heck left?

The answer is that your passion is left with you. If you have not discovered it yet, you will, and if you’ve already discovered your passion, you will move and work towards completing your dreams rigorously.

One other reason can also be that you will do any task with a laser sharp focus, so you would do more and spend less time doing it. So in the left time, your mind will automatically crave something creative.

This will eventually lead you to discover your passion for you

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