8 Struggles of highly intelligent people

We know intelligence is not simply high IQ, Intelligence is having grasp of multiple dimensions of life without misinterpreting them. Even Stephen Hawkins agreed to that. and we know how intelligent he was. 

Intelligent people are always curious about how things work, how every thing is connected and what is the reason behind a thing which occurs.  Intelligent people often have high IQ and also EQ, they often are trailblazers in their field of work. 

Wondering if you are one of them? Well if you face these struggles mention below, then congrats!! You are one of them.

1. They get bored of small talk

When intelligent people  make friendship with someone, they expect to discuss about the universe, the galaxy, the latest blockchain technology, etc. 

Have you ever heard of the quote :  “Great minds discuss ideas, mediocre minds discuss events, small minds discuss people”.  Highly intelligent people straight away ignore the unimportant details of life and always look at a bigger picture. 

Intelligent people like to talk about who broke up with whom or which team won the match last night, they often discuss things which makes change in their or other’s life. 

2. They are careful with their words

Intelligent people know for a fact that others around them are not as intelligent, and so they avoid talking big with small people. They know that small minded people will only discourage them if they get to know what they are thinking. 

And because of this, they very carefully think before they even utter a word from their mouth. Because of this, people might think they are overly serious or anti-social

3. They are socially awkward

Now, here I am not talking about the people who have zero self-confidence, but about the intelligent people who don’t know how to be socially correct. 

Highly intelligent people are socially awkward when there is a small talk going on, but they are also the most social people if talking about something big and useful. This may include art, science, math, etc. 

4. They have less friends

Again, here, this is not about the losers who are too afraid to make new friends, but a about the people who intellectually limit their friendship numbers to an extent.  

Highly Intelligent people knows that 99% of the people that exist in this world will not connect to them, not because they are bad, but because they don’t have the same goals as theirs. 

So intelligent people only make friends with people who have a collective goal and live the life with them. 

5. They like to travel, but alone

People think intelligent people never get out of the house, but they misunderstand them with other anti-social losers. 

Intelligent people get out of their house and like to travel a lot, but they only travel if they are alone. They don’t like their precious moments of experience interrupted by someone, even if that is a loved one

6. They are overly analytical

Intelligent people never trust anything just because the society says it. They often like to analyze the whole situation very deeply.

 For eg : A normal person will buy a peanut butter jar just by looking at the front label. But a intelligent person will never do the same, he will look for each and every ingredient put in there. 

This also sometimes leads to procrastination and indecision.  

7. They constantly crave exercise

A normal person comes home, eat dinner and watch T.V or web series along with a beer to relax. But at the same time Bill Gates comes home and reads 100 pages of a book to relax. 

Highly intelligent people find a way to improve their life even though they call it relaxation. They never do something which does not add value to their life. 

8. They always feel pressurized to succeed

Intelligent people know that they are intelligent and so they are in a constant fear that they don’t waste their intelligence on something bad.

So they always pressurize themselves to succeed no matter what happens. They don’t have a option to stop and relax for a while.

Sometimes, this leads to a psychological burnout due to working all the time. Although they know how much is rest important to their body, their mind does not allow them to rest and take a breath. They are crazy driven



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