The philosophy of stoic mindset – In Short

So, what is stoicism? Imagine that you have been stranded thousands of miles away from your home without any money or material possessions.

This situation will make many people curse their awful fate and maybe even some people to loose faith in god, life and themselves. But from Zeno of Cyprus, this became his main life goal to research upon this. 

Origins of the Stoic mindset

There was once a very wealthy merchant from an European subcontinent. But in an accident, he lost his everything. His money, his legacy and even his house. 

One day, he went into a book shop and picked up a book written by Socrates and started reading it. After reading tons of books, he went to discuss things with other philosophers and eventually became more wealthier than before along with thousands of students learning from him. 

As he began to dig deep into philosophy, he originated his own set of philosophies called stoicism. 

Stoicism is derived from Stoa, the place where he and his disciples used to study.

What are it's philosophies?

If you’ve seen The Matrix, you can refer Stoicism as similar to the red pill. Stoicism  means that you will not wish for a perfect world, you will not wish for the government to provide jobs for you, you will not wish for your parents to feed you.

 Instead, you will see the world as it is, while developing yourself as much as you can. So now,  instead of wishing for a job, you set a target to set up a million dollar company and give jobs to others.    

The 4 pillars of Stoicism

To master the stoic mindset and shape your own world according to your own wishes, you need to master these 4 principles : 

1. Practical Wisdom

The ability to navigate complex situations with a logical and fundamental manner. Breaking down hard tasks into several easier tasks while ignoring the negativity people throw at you while doing any task.

2. Temperance

Exercising self-restraint  and moderation in all aspects of life. Developing a a mental wall of discipline as hard as diamond so you never break it

3. Justice

Treating others with fairness, even if you are wrong while doing so. Even if you know that you might die, but the decision you are taking is right, you must do it

4. Courage

To show courage, not just in extraordinary situations, but also by facing daily small challenges with immense mental clarity and quick decision making abilities. 

While stoicism may seem self-centered philosophy, it is not limited to an individual. For eg : When romans were treating slaves like an productive object, Seneca, one of the most brilliant stoic, fought against them.

He conveyed the message that slaves or not, all humans share same fundamental humanity and thy, should be treated humanely. The idea behind stoicism is that only the people who have complete control over their minds, are the ones who make change in this world.

Later, many stoics became very successful and one of them even became Rome’s most courageous king. So stoicism can be applied in the modern world where every person is slave to the small device in front of them.

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