5 Ways in which social media destroys your brain

Are you using social media more than 2 hours a day? Well apart from it being bad for your eyes, it is brutal for your intuition power and brain too. So bad that even cocaine can be considered better than it. 

Below are the 5 ways in which social media is destroying your daily life as well as brain power

1. FOMO Anxiety

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Social media is a master in creating a sense of fear of missing out without any rigid base. While scrolling through social media, you will see numerous kinds of people, some pretending to enjoy their life if it’s their last day. 

There is always some trend on social media that goes on and everyone follows it like sheep. And in any case if you refuse to follow this trend, it will create a strong sense of fear of missing out inside your mind. 

As you’ll scroll more, you’ll see more and more of your friends following that trend and it will cause a guilt inside you for not following the trend.

2. Comparison of individuals

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Social media like Instagram are places filled with hipocrycy in which people post photos to compare them to others for likes and comments with captions like “I am unique”. 

No!! You are not unique if you are posting pictures to show others how great your life is!! It creates sort of feeling of intimidation for other people and for yourself. 

The more you scroll through social media, the more you will compare yourself to other people without knowing their reality. You will see people with beautiful faces going out and partying and start think that your life sucks with a boring 9-5.

Whereas the reality is that people who post these kinds of pictures are either are faking it with filters, or they are destroying their own financial conditions for the sake of show off. So don’t compare yourself  to others by going on these sites. 

3. Opinion destruction

Because of social media, you get so much of opinions of other people that you kind of loose the ability to make your own opinions and keep it to yourself. Every person on social media is ready to share their opinions on any sort of topic. Even on the topic they have zero knowledge about.

I not talking about knowledge here. If you are gaining knowledge from social media, that’s fine, but if you are gaining opinions from social media, you should reconsider your use of social media. 

And since social media is an open place for all kinds of people, you might see some disturbing opinions which can hurt your sentiments at a very deep level.

 So think twice before scrolling through the comment section from now on.

4. You attention span gets reduced

It is neurologically proven that the people who use social media has less attention span that people who don’t. Why?

Because people who use social media are used to consume content that changes in every 5-6 seconds whereas people who don’t use social media usually do a task for 30mins – 1 hour. 

You brain adapts as you act your way through time. Shorter the time-period tasks, the lesser your attention span gets. So make a habit of doing tasks that take longer time like reading books or even playing video games.  

5. You get disconnected from yourself

In this world of hyper-connectivity, people are connected everyone except the most important person in their lives, themselves. 

People now a days can’t even sit still for 10 mins without any entertainment. They get bored so easily, and the solution to their boredom is only one thing. The modern drug called social media. 

Make time for yourself at any cost, even if it’s only 10 mins, sit and relax and observe your thoughts and try to control them. If you do this, you will get ahead of 99% of the people right away. 

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