5 Sad truths about society that no one seems to digest

We live in a society which is sadly, too fragile to be real. People  even accept things like cuckold and incest to be ok,

as the time is passed by, our society is becoming more primitive than intelligent and conscious. Below are the 5 Sad truths about out society that no body seems to digest. 

1. "Masturbation is normal" is a lie

Now after this statement, many people will flood out and say that this article is written by a religious person. Whereas this isn’t true, masturbation gives you false reward for the thing which haven’t even done yet. 

For eg: In earlier periods of homo-sapiens, our brain used to reward us with dopamine (feel good chemical) whenever we reproduced and passed our genes to the next generation. 

The problem with masturbation is that it gives a false sense of reproduction to your brain and can disrupt your brain’s rewarding system to the core.

And even if masturbation is normal, you have to remember that you are not normal, you are not meant to be normal, be great, not “normal” !!

1. 99% people are stuck in a primitive sense of love

99% on this planet does not know what love is, they are living in a false primitive delusion of love. They are just attached by bodily and monetary desires and confuse it with love. 

How to know if your love is primitive or conscious? Well, imagine a situation where your partner lost the ability to have  s*x or bare a child, would you still be with him/her? . Or Imagine if your parents lost the ability to feed you properly, would you still love them?

Only and only if both the answers of yours of above questions is “yes”, without any hesitation, it means that your love is real, not primitive.

3. Everyone wants a job, but no one wants to provide jobs

Every person wants a job, and thinks that jobs drop from sky. What they fail to understand that jobs are created by a person like them, who was too much passionate towards his dreams and goals, be it financial or intellectual.

If you want a job and hesitate to create a company of your dreams and give other people job, you will live like the “normal” people and die like them, with a grim sense of regret in your  mind. 

Well even if you can’t generate any jobs, it’s ok, at least you should stop hating on rich people if you don’t do it yourself, and try to be like them.  

4. Success is hated by people

Take an example of the Indian Prime Minister, PM Modi. People hate him only for one reason, and that is because he used to sell tea to people. 

 If you come from a poor background and become successful, people will only drag you down to your past, so don’t even try to pay attention to people. Keep hustling and keep grinding.

5. Being ordinary is being extraordinary now a days

In today’s gen-z society, what do you think do you need to be so called “extra-ordinary” ? Well you just need a phone and a social media account with cringe captions in your photos.

But you know what? Nearly everyone can do that, and can feel a delusion of being extra-ordinary. What do you think makes you special?

From a philosopher’s (Richard Dawkins’s) perspective, being a genius, with high focus span, getting good grades (or not) and creating a successful business is what is truly makes you extra-ordinary now a days.

Yes !! The things which were ordinary in past is extra-ordinary now a days, and “being extra-ordinary” on social media is pretty ordinary.


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