5 Reasons why you might have toxic parents

It’s common sense to distance yourself from toxic people, but what if those toxic people are your parents? When you have a toxic family, and you see them every day, that can be extremely difficult.

Below are the 5 most significant signs to know if your parents are toxic or not

1. They are manipulative

Toxic parents are masters of emotional manipulation. They always have a clear way to show how they are the victims and you are the one who did it.

This may includes comparing you to others , outright putting words in your mouth or even exposing a secret of yours so they can make false promises to use and manipulate you for their own benefit.

Once the task is done, they no longer look after you until a new opportunity comes to manipulate you and make use of you. You can step up for yourself but the output might not be so great, in the end, they will still blame you for not being a good child. 

The best way to escape this is leave your f*king house if you can and never look back. Jut like a refugee from Africa or something.

2. They blame you

Some parents are so toxically irresponsible that they never take the blame on themselves and work on their mistakes, but instead they blame you. 

Like if they don’t have their dream career, it’s you who did this right? Why were you born at that time? They have a fight with their spouse, well it’s you who did it. They lost their favorite pen, well it might be you who would have stolen it.

3. They actively block you from being happy

Don’t  take this the wrong way, sometimes, some parents scold their children so that they won’t get in anything wrong, and that’s legit, but there are some parents who just wants to see their children live miserably.

Well if you see your parents stop you from doing something you like with a fact that the thing you are doing is good for you, you might reconsider living with your parents because they are gonna kill your dream for sure.

4. They are unstable

Instability in most situations is not good. And toxic parents and no different. Because of their instability in life, they often don’t tend to have any boundaries of their own lacking the capacity to stand on their own in several aspects of their life.

They just never pay attention to what you are doing, but then somehow just explodes in anger when you does something wrong. 

5. They are mean

So, you just finished writing your homework and are very happy, now what a toxic parent will do is come and criticize the things which shouldn’t be criticized. And then your happiness vanishes into thin air and you start looking for what small mistakes you did. They  also use mean words while criticizing you which is even not constructive. 

For eg : If  you drop a glass and broke it and mother says something like “You are a very stupid child, you can’t even do a thing right”, that would mean she is toxic, but if she says something constructive like “That was a very stupid thing you did, they next time you break a glass, you will have to fetch it from the supermarket”, she is a normal and a good parent.

Your parents scolding you is normal and it is healthy for you to grow in a right direction. But pay attention to how they scold you. 

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