5 Reasons why Gen-z will get doomed

Ahh, Gen-z, living in this generation has been nothing less than a heaven to me. The competition is so low here. An average attention span of a Gen-z zoomer is 8 seconds.

 Heck, that is even less than the attention span of a freaking donkey. Below are the 5 reasons why generation z will be completely doomed.

1. Low attention span

This would very obvious after reading the introductory part of this blog-post, but let us understand why it is so. There are Just two words to explain this : Social Media!!

There is a whole 180 papers-long research on how scrolling random content through social media reduces focus by nearly 80-90%. Most change content on social media platforms like Instagram in every 5 seconds. 

They don’t even focus on a single thing for more than 10 seconds!! And this is why their brain adapts this habit and reduces their focus for a life time. Although this may be reversible.

2. Hyper-stimulation

People are so stuck into stimulation that an average gen-z person’s brain releases twice as much as dopamine (feel good hormone) than a cocaine addict. Dopamine is highly addictive hormone for our brain. 

The reason why they are stuck in hyper-stimulation is that they never faced the cruelty of this world face to face. And I hope they don’t break completely when they actually face it. 

Most of the gen-z kids that are my age(17) don’t even know basic manners to act and listen things mindfully. They are so deviated in their virtual world of constant stimulation that the original world seems boring to them. 

3. Sexualization of nearly everything

Sex sells, we all know that. But in case of generation-z, it is the only possible way to advertise your product. If you open a company and you don’t advertise your product with sexuality, you will go broke. 

I am not suggesting any dark tips here, but this is the truth. Generation-z will never pay attention to a product’s ad if it doesn’t release a rush of dopamine in their brain. 

You can see the proof of this in many places where even things like organ transplant and charity are to be sexualized by tag lines like “Donate your organ, because this may be your only chance to get inside her”. 

This is messed up!!

4. Not knowing how this civilization works

No!! Rappers and models don’t run this civilization, it’s doctors, engineers, construction workers and even janitors. The problems with generation-z is that they think successful entertainment is the true success. 

They don’t know the difference between what is useful and what isn’t. Rappers are not going to produce food!! It’s the farmers. Social media influencers are not gonna save you from terror attacks, it’s the soldiers. 

99% of the generation z thinks that people who are famous on Instagram runs the world, whereas reality is totally different from it. 

5. Gen-z takes things for granted

Now you may think that the writer of this blog must have came up from a poor family, but that’s not the case, I am just a young guy who realized how the world works and how it’s messed up.

Most of the gen-z is so much pampered by their parents that they think everything is granted and they just have to get a nice to job to continue this. 

In gen-z, people who even slightly practice gratitude and good habits  will easily succeed, and that is a fact that no one can change. 

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