16 powerful reasons to go vegan

If like 90% of the non-vegan population, you think going vegan isn’t a logical decision, you should read this complete article from start to end.  I will give you 25 logical+ethical reasons to go Vegan.

1. It is the best way to help animals

Do you consider yourself as an animal lover but still eat non-vegan? Well this is same as saying that “I am a kind and caring child-molester”. You have to understand that you can’t be an animal lover if you pay for killing animals because cats and dogs are not the only animals in this world which are sentient beings. Hens, Goats, Cows,, Pigs, Fishes, they all are sentient and can feel pain and emotions.

2. Say bye to obesity

100 grams of chicken has around 200-300 calories without soluble fibre in it whereas 100 grams of broccoli or spinach only has around 30-50 calories, this is because they are less calorie dense and more nutrient dense. So if you are trying to loose weight or lean-gain, meat is not a good choice.

4. Live longer and healthier

Daily red meat consumption just over 28g can increase the chance of premature heart-attack by 67%, eating chicken more that 100g at a single time raises your insulin and cholesterol levels by a significant amount. Plant based protein is more healthier and has more bio-availability more that any kind of animal protein. Remember the 10% rule of food chain?

So why go  You —> Chicken —> Plant protein ?  when you can go directly :  You —> Edible plant protein 

5. Save the world hunger

1 Kg or meat takes 20 kgs of grains, vitamins and steriods to produce. Whereas if we cut off the breeding of animals for our benefits, we can feed an extra 1.9 billion people. Still think that world hunger is because of lack of food?

6. Help saving the planet

Are you an environmentalist or just a normal being who wants to see earn clean and green again? Well then you should take a grasp at the data collected by MIT where it is shown that meat industry produces green house gas that is equal to all cars, commercial ships, airplanes, and to wheelers combined. Still think eating meat will help our earth?

7. Ariana Grande is vegan

This must be a big enough reason for every boy to quit meat and go vegan

8. Meat is gross

I vomit thinking  of how gross it was when I ate meat. ewww, the bone marrow. Sometimes people even eat fecies without even noticing it. And plus, why would you eat animal corpse when you have fresh plans? If you do, you are an idiot.

9. Vegan food is tastier

Oven roasted Asparagus with some some Avacado toast in top  of delicious Hummus. OHHH Yeahh!! Jus thinking about it makes my stomach shout and tongue drool. It is way better than eating dead bodies of tortured animals

10. Conserve natural resources

Behind every one litre of milk, 20 litres of water is wasted. How? Well cows are living creatures and forcefully breeding them for our use seems very expensive for our earth and humans in general.

We also have to think about the natural resources that factoryn farming ad crop raising deplete. Factory farms have to be powered, so they consume fossil fuels, and in general the more finite resources we use, the less will be left over for our children.

11. There is no reason to consume meat now

I know that thousands of years ago, it was mandatory for our ancestors to kill animals in order to survive, but that is no longer the situation anymore. We now have grown so intelligent that we can control our own food in a sustainable way. So why should we stick to the old ways even if it causes us harm? We should change because that is what evolution means

12. Meat is adulterated

Meat is no longer a thing which is freshly hunted down, now chickens are given numerous amounts of steriods in order to grow big in size. Imagine a situation where the weight of a hen is so increased artificially that their legs cannot withstand the weight and thus break. Sadly this situation is true.

13. Our anatomy does not indicate that we are predators

Our ancestors had slong teeth and sharp canines but as we evolved, our teeth structure changed from carnivore to more like herbivore animals. Now our teeth are like scissors which is generally used by herbivores to cut grass. Thus, nature wants us to be herbivores.

14. Eliminate the risk of food borne diseases

Swine flu, bird flu, CoVid-19, all are caused by foolish humans who wanted to eat animals. So, this is not a topic to argue. Aslo vegans tend to suffer less from heart related diseases and obesity.

15. Enjoy the diversity

How many types of meat are there? Maybe 4 or 5? But hiw many types of edible plants are there? The answer is above 10000. Even you regional vegetables are enough to satisfy you throughout your life.

16. Increase metabolism

With tonss of dietary fiber, vegan diet is the best option if you have problems like overweight, constipation, bloating, etc. Vegan diet makes sure that your metabolism stays in check.

If you are still not convinced, that means you have a rigid devil like mentality.
And if you are, Congrats!! Welcome to the heaven on Earth.

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