5 Reasons why Spiritual Quotient is important

Some people say IQ is the most important aspect in success, some say it’s EQ, and although they are, SQ(Spiritual Quotient) defines 90% of your success. How? Well if you won’t be spiritually rigid on your purpose of your life, your IQ and EQ will simply be wasted.

Today we are going to look at the 5 reasons why spiritual quotient is so important to live a happy life.

1. You will bear with mistakes easily

Have you ever done a mistake which completely f*ked you up? Well do all do it. And after doing such a grim mistake, our EQ literally leaves us and our brain becomes numb with every passing second. That’s where our spiritual intelligence kicks in. If you have a strong spiritual intelligence, you will never leave your purpose in life, no matter what happens.

No matter what mistake you do, no matter how hopeless you be or no matter how broke you be. But once you develop a strong spiritual drive to your purpose, you would be a person like Steve Jobs. Why would you think Steve jobs never married? Well maybe because he was so driven to his purpose that he never thought of it. 

2. It creates a difference

Spiritual quotient is the thing which separates the elites from the normies. People generally think elites are hungry for money and they are greedy, but the true fact is that they are where they are because they are spiritually acknowledged. 

They know who they are, they don’t compare themselves to others or don’t use po*n or social media for their dopamine shots. They are spiritually evolved, they only find pleasure in intellectual or spiritual things where as the normal people find pleasure in materialistic things

3. It attracts money

Today, in the corporate world and most of the organizations and institutions have realized and acknowledged that their human element, what is called ‘human resource’ is not simply intellectual property consisting of human knowledge and skills, but is human spirit as well. Corporate have realized that they need to nurture and value the human spirit which is an integral part of leadership. Spirituality is not a mere element which needs reference and regular discussions on it; its practice and application will reduce commotion and misconduct to a greater extent. Lot of awareness is growing in applying spirituality in the workplace.    

4. It makes you more responsible

SQ makes us more responsible. Besides taking responsibility of ourselves, we become aware of problems in the society, our surroundings, our workplace peers and subordinates, our country and then our universe too. It helps us to interconnect our personal vision with the larger good of humanity. It makes us more humble in our perspective. 

To a great extent, it reduces our selfish intentions. It stops us from getting swayed by our power, status and money.

5. It will truly make your successful

Some people earn a lot’s of money , power and status and still remain hollow inside. Although money is very very important and we can’t really deny that fact, but at last, it is not success if you are not happy.

Spirituality comes from throne’s own inner self, benefiting oneself from the self and the others,
creating an alignment of the purpose and people and it comes from the persons own self and
from the people inner self

It comes with surety validated by the heart instead of the mind alone
and it creates inner meaning and motivation about work extending inner peace in one’s own
self with a natural desire to help other grow, learn, and to develop and to succeed in ones life
while respecting and valuing individual land the group dignity

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