5 Reasons why males are so emotionless

Have you ever wondered why males  are so emotionless and rude sometimes while females are so much full of emotions? Below are the five reasons that males are much more emotionless and stone hearted than women

1. We used to hunt down animals in the past

Ya, we males were not computer engineers or businessmen from start, before our civilization was created, our main job was to hunt down ferocious animals and bring them home for our spouse and children. 

Now do you think a emotional man can kill animals ruthlessly? Of course not, and because of this, our neural structure is based in a way that we don’t puke our out in any situations. 

Now of course, some of us men turn vegan now, because why would we kill animals even after having other options of survival? Cmon guys!! Killing animals for food is not cool, it was a necessity back then, not now!!

2. Alphas and Sigmas are less prone to think emotionally

fantasy, light, mood

Now of course, some women may say that “as far as I’ve seen, men are more emotional than women”. And that is because all the males they must’ve encountered till now would be  betas. 

Alphas are emotional, but don’t show it, and as far as I’ve been hanging out with a group of highly intellectual sigmas, they are totally emotionless. They literally think like Light Yagami from Death Note

One reason can be this society for emotional numbing. They seek intellectual pleasure instead of emotional or material, this leads to extreme thirst of solitude from this world full of chaos, and start to think emotionlessly. 

3. Bad experiences in the past

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Now, the reason for being emotionless is not only from a evolutionary point of view, but also from the modern day perspective. Some men may’ve experienced some traumatizing effects of putting so much emotions in. 

It might be their best friend, their parents, sibling or spouse. They may’ve passed through experiences like betrayals, narcissistic treatments, emotional dumping, etc.  

Men and women are totally different when it comes to handling emotional pain, while women choose to move on and start a better life, men are generally self-destructive and take revenge on their own self. 

4. They are, but they don't show it

We have to agree that not all males are sigmas and alphas, 99% of males are betas, and are extremely full of emotions. But then why do they don’t show their emotions?

This may be because of how society depicts the “man” figure with cliched likes “men never cry, crying is for girls”. Because of this, men who are in extreme pain refuse to show it and look emotionless from outside. 

Now of course, men should not cry, but if you are a man and are crying, don’t shame yourself for it. Men who cry need better treatment and a way to become stronger. And this can be only achieved through true love. 

5. Some males face the cruelty of this world

police, helicopter, military

Even if daunting tasks like killing ferocious animals are over, we now have more extreme tasks like killing ferocious terrorists and saving the country from it. 

This may be not true for every man out there, but for men who are fighting on borders. I am able to tell this because my brother like friend is in Indian special forces and he said that they basically give them third degree torture while training. 

Living 1 week without food and running 100 kilometers is one of the common tests in generally every special forces regiment. Now do you think putting emotions in would work? Of course not!! 

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