5 Principles to live by if you want to become successful

success is not immediate, it won’t fall from sky, you will not become successful by luck or chance. People always forget these things. You should look success more like a virtue than a destiny. 

If you truly want to change your life for good, and want to set your foot on the path on success, you need to live by these 5 principles : 

1. There is nothing you can't achieve

If you are stuck in a bad situation, you may think you can’t take it anymore, but that is not the reality. Every time you fail, you get two choices, either to bounce back or to quit. 

There are no reasonable limits of what you can achieve, other than those which exists in your own mind. You are your only limit, and that is an absolute fact that no one can change. 

No one can change your destiny if you decide what it is. Every external factor is temporary, what matters is that what you are developing inside you. 

2. Take responsibility for your life

There is no absolute external factor that will affect you success if you choose to make your internal mind so strong that it won’t break or get distracted by anything.

Decide now!! that you will  not get distracted!! you will not quit,  and you will never let unsuccessful people change your mind!! If you do so, there’s no one who can possibly stop you. 

Sometimes, you might think that your life is completely ruined by toxic people, but at that time, you need to remember that they are temporary. What’s permanent is, is your soul  and your thought process.

Don’t let people hurt your soul, even if they hurt your feelings. Because if you  keep blaming the bad people for your failure, no one is going to listen to you. But if you become successful and help other good people, the world will get your back. 

3. Be grateful

If you are reading this article on a phone, pc or a tablet, you are living a better life than the 200 million people who sleep hungry every night and don’t even get proper education.

Make a habit to write down every morning the things you are grateful for. This will lead you to better mood and a clear mind, which in turn, will help you attract and achieve  more things to be grateful of.

Here’s a fun fact : If you be grateful for what you have, you would live in a better mental condition that 90% of the people on this earth

4. Follow your own path

The world s full of opinions, and with things like social media in this race, opinions of others becomes a reason to live for some people. 

Now, Don’t lie to yourself, because every time your post a picture on Instagram, you are waiting for some nice comments and lots of likes. Why so?

Humans are social creatures and so, we need to interact with each other and exchange thoughts. But I think social media is the worst place to do it. The best place is always mouth to mouth interaction in real life. 

What social media does, is that every time you do something new and you share it on social media, you will get unwanted opinions which you cannot avoid. This will cause confusion, and lower self esteem along with lot’s of self doubt

5. Never stop learning

This has a correspondence to the first principle of this article “there is no limit for you achievements”. You need to understand that the limits of you achievements  expand as your skills and knowledge expand. 

You cannot watch Netflix all day and expect limitless success. You are responsible for your own limits and you can expand and break those limits, only by learning new skills or mastering the existing skills

Learning  things will also increase your self esteem, because then you will know that you are self made, not some spoiled rich brat. 

So stay Humble, stay hungry and stay blessed. 

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