Information overload caused by social media and 5 ways to overcome it

Information overload, which is also known as infoxication or information anxiety is a common side effects due increased use of social media sites like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. To overcome it, follow these solutions below. 

Information overload is a psychological situation in which a person goes through heavy cognitive load or dysfunction due to access of information in his/her brain.

 This information can be received through various channels like social media, news, books, etc, although social media is the most common cause in today’s world. 

In this article , we will look at various was to overcome information overload through easy methods: 


1. Information overload is addictive, so treating it like any other addiction can be a way

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One way to overcome information overload is by addressing that it is a addictive phenomenon for your brain. Information overload is generally caused by social media in today’s world, and so, it can be considered it as addictive. 

Social media causes information overload because of it’s addictive user-interface because of which we stick to the screen for longer hours and keep consuming information that we shouldn’t. 

Treating a habit of being in a void of  information overload through proper medical treatments from neurologists or psychologists can be a very impressive decision for your personal health. 

2. Meditation can also be used to overcome information overload caused by social media

Meditation is the best way to overcome information overload caused by social media if you don’t want to spend money on visiting psychologists or neurologists. This method has been working since the beginning of times and still works. 

Your brain is always in a active state, even in sleep and is always either collecting information or processing it, but in the state of meditation, you are neither collecting information, neither are you processing it. 

A state of deep meditation is the only state where your brain can get some rest and then come back to reality to kick some ass and conquer the world!!

3. Do some breathing exercises or yoga to overcome information overload caused by social media

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Doing some breathing exercises or doing some yoga will surely help you relieve from all the information overload that your brain is suffering because of your excess use of social media. 

Breathing exercises are effective in treating and to overcome information overload because while doing breathing exercise, your brain is completely focused on your breath and stops taking unnecessary information. 

Breathing exercises will also make you more mindful so that next time when you try to scroll social media mindlessly, you become mindful of that situation and stop using it in the right time. 


4. Going out for a walk without phone is also great way to overcome information overload caused by social media

When you go to a park without phone, you would start to take in information which is directly applicable to the real world rather than taking information from the reel world. 

Having mouth to mouth conversations with friends and family members is also a great way to overcome information overload caused by social media because then, you start to take very less information in. 

Go to a park and take the information that this nature has provided this world with, the sound of birds chirping, children playing, tree leaves shedding, etc. 

5. Keep yourself busy in productive work to overcome information overload caused by social media

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Go and work your ass off in gym, go learn a new sport, a new language, a new way to earn money or something like. 

Keeping your mind busy taking information that will actually help you in future is another great way to overcome information overload caused by social media

Keeping yourself busy in information that will help you will allow you to stay away from social media as well as engage in some interesting work which your dopamine receptors can acknowledge. 

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