6 stages of Nofap that every person will experience

Nofap is the new hype, although you will get unimaginable kinds of benefits from it, you will not be flying like superman within a week. 

You will absolutely know life in a better way and win over it, you also has to pass through these 6 stages to get there : 

Stage 1 : Ignorance

This is the phase where you believe that masturbation and p*rn is healthy and should be done on a daily basis. You get brainwashed by society and sit all day and watch netflix, jerk off between the breaks and get your life f*ked up.

Until one day you hear something about nofap through some youtube video, article, friend or even a monk or a yogi. 

Stage 2 : Excitement

After hearing about nofap, you start to think that it is some holy grail that can put your life upside down and solve all your problems. But this excitement is a false sense of unrealistic expectations for most men. 

You will also start to think that you are different from others that jerk off all day. Which is very important to develop a high self esteem. And after knowing the fact that famous people like Steve Jobs, Vivekananda, Nikola Tesla also follow this philosophy, your confidence level will pump up sky high.

Stage 3 : Blue Balls

If you have been an heavy fapper, get ready to feel the pain. You will feel as if your balls are crushed by an elephant. And the scariest part is that this stage is not skippable. 

This will lead almost 90% of the men to relapse and leave the nofap community forever. But this is good for nofap community because at least we get rid of weak willed people. 

Stage 4: Flatline

This is the time when your brain will start to rewire itself and this is also the phase where the remaining 9% of the people will break their streaks, although they might not leave the nofap community and bounce back later. 

In this stage, your brain will play games with you and give you high-level b. Sometimes you will feel like dying and the next minute, you will feel like conquering the world. You need a very strong will power and good habits

Stage 5 : Reincarnation

This is the phase where a whole new life awaits you. You will leave all grudges  behind and start walking on a new fresh path with a fresh and pumped up mind.

You will face many challenges along the way but you will also have the power to face then and destroy them. This is also the time where your choices and habits matters the most because that decides if you will stay in the Elites, the 1% people, or return to zombies, the 99%. 

Stage 6 : Settling down

See, settling down here does not mean settling down like a mediocre man. Settling down means that you will find the purpose of your life and start working towards it will full hype and make sure you destroy your competitions

No person can now destroy your will or distract you from your goal. You will be a total overpowered giga chad with a strong drive to achieve your goals.



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