How to make you hair 2x thicker at home


Weak hair is a problem which most of us people face. Some in the form of split-ends & some in the form of hair fall. This problem generally occurs due to loosening of the hair follicles, hair become fragile & don’t get as much nutrition as they need to thrive. But before talking about what to do to fix it, we are gonna look at what things you should avoid doing. 

So, If by any chance you do anything listed below, please stop!! ASAP

1. Washing your hair with warm  or hot water:  Washing your hair with hot water expands the  pores on your hair that result in loosened hair, and thus, they begin the fall or don’t get the proper nutrition they need to grow.

2. Using a shampoo that contains Sodium Laurel Sulphate :  Look at the back of your shampoo pack & read the ingredients carefully. If by any chance it contains a ingredient called “Sodium laurel sulphate”, throw it right away in dustbin. Instead use some natural shampoo to wash your hair or maybe simply cut some fresh Aloe Vera off the garden and wash your hair with it’s gel.

3. Drying your hair with hair dryer: Drying your hair with a warm hair dryer has a similar effect as putting extremely hot water direct on your hair. Instead, use a cold hair dryer or maybe let the hair dry naturally or wipe them up with a towel or a napkin.

So, now we've had a grasp on not what to do, let's look at what can we do.

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Wash your hair atleast 3 times a week (but no more than 5 times)

Washing  your hair with a good shampoo will take all the dirt and unwanted particle and metals out off your scalp, which will allow your hair follicles to rejuvenate itself and grow stronger. And plus,  taking a cold water shower will tighten your hair follicles so that your hair stand strong and it will also boost your adrenaline levels which is way better than drinking 4 cups of coffee for doing it .


Glycerin and Keratin paste

This is a very easy and quick solution which will cost you no more than 100 rupees ($1.5). Keratin is the protien that makes up your hair. Just take a spoonful of glycerin and two spoon keratin powder, make a paste and apply it at night. Wash it up in the morning. You’ll start to  see  a significant amount of difference within a week. From my experience, my hair became so much strong that I couldn’t believe it did so. 

Just try it and then come back to comment here to show me some love.

Replace shampoo with Soapnuts (Reetha)

The natural surfactant saponin in reetha plant offers foaming properties and soapy texture which helps in clearing dirt, dust and oil in the hair.

Apart from it, reetha is a better hair cleanser than most of the shampoos because clearning hair with reetha does not includes the thousands of sulphates, parabens and alcohols that shampoos contain .

Reetha helps control hair fall by removing dandruff from the scalp. According to Ayurveda, dandruff is the prime cause of hair fall. It is a condition marked by flakes of dry skin on the scalp. Reetha helps to control dandruff and promotes hair growth due to its Tridosha balancing property.

Massage with Bhringraj oil before going to bed

I know it may be a cliched thing for most of the Indians out here, but the main thing here is that this sh*t actually works!! From my own experience, bhringraj oil literally doubled my hair thickness within two months. I know  two months maybe a huge time-frame for some of you but, you know, good things take time. bhringraj oil is known for its cooling qualities and therefore, it can help in reducing stress and stress-related hair loss. Bhringraj oil helps foster hair follicles. It is like a natural therapy for preventing hair loss. The herb contains important nutrients that fulfill the deficiency of minerals that lead to uncontrollable hair loss hence promoting hair growth. A quick way of making bhringraj oil at home is to heat powdered bhringraj leaves with coconut oil and then store. The oil is dark green in colour and has a unique, strong aroma. The best way to use it is to apply it directly on the scalp, let the roots absorb it for about 30 minutes and then wash off. Bhringraj oil can be used for treating various hair problems.  

Try to stay as stress free as possible

Yes, even if your hair is falling, don’t take any stress, just believe in yourself and God. He will never do wrong with you, and even if you are an atheist, believe in the Univeral energy that flows within you. Because taking stress induces a hormone called Cortisol which is sometimes the only reason for hairfall in 35% of the hairfall cases.

Yes. Stress can cause hair loss from the scalp. Physical or emotional stress, illness, injury and surgery are all linked to hair fall.

Stress can have a direct or indirect impact on your hair follicles  and lead to hair loss. Sometimes, you may notice hair fall 6-12 weeks after a stressful event. So remember, don’t take too much Stress

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