“The Age Of Hyper Lust” Conspiracy

If you are reading this article, whether a girl or a boy, you probably masturbate, watch porn or always think about it. Have you ever wondered how this world became sexually hyper in last 10 years?

This article’s motive is not to ridicule or downgrade masturbation, but to present a conspiracy theory that can be true  

Where did it all began?

This conspiracy theory goes like this : When the internet was booming and nearly every single person was connected to the internet, some giants feared of the decentralization of knowledge, and wanted to control everything. 

Since the internet was anyway going to take control away from them, they tried to control us with the strongest biological urge : Sex

So they started distributing internet porn  legally and free!! . I mean, how were they allowed to publish porn while prostitution was still illegal? Something is wrong,  right?!!

What was the motive?

The motive was very simple, to keep producing slaves for their companies and factories. Before the internet, they used to train the students in school like industrial slaves, students were given training on how to be a good employee and were never taught to become an entrepreneur or to create a business. 

But after the internet revolution, people started to exchange entrepreneurial philosophies and thoughts, which caused a widespread fear in the hearts of giants.

The execution of their plan

They knew that they can’t stop the spread of valuable information on a peer to peer network or a social network like Facebook, so what they did is they created a modern drug: Internet porn. 

This new drug was so powerful that even though people had all the information to be a businessmen, still they won’t become one. Why? 

 I mean who would do hard work to make money and get real women when you got all your fantasies completed through a click on your phone, right? 

Parents are not even concerned about it and do not think it as a drug, just because of the reason that it is so common. 

What were the effects

Now some of you would say  “But people are still creating their fortune through social media”. I have a question for them, how do you think social media is adding value to your lives? 

I mean a social media content creator makes money, but what if after 10 years, nearly every single person becomes a content creator? What makes you different?  

Is Social Media teaching you to build quantum computers? coding? Performing surgeries? Going to space? No, it is not teaching us anything that can help mankind thrive and develop. 

 A Harvard research conducted in 2018 fond found that 79% of the people who use social media are addicted to it, and rest 20% of the people waste 2 hours on average. Only 1% of the people were using it to learn something

People are now more focused on things like Music, Dance, Art, etc. Which is good, , but completely forgetting things which built our civilization, like science, mathematics, philosophy, etc. is destructive .

A fact for fun

How much do you think the scientists who are making Intel processors are making per year? Ans : 20 million dollars on average, and  200 million dollars if you are extra-ordinarily smart.

Now, how much are you making by scrolling through social media and watching p*rn and random content? Nothing right? I hope you understand the my concern.

Completely excluding social media from your lives 0is not necessary, but you must limit it’s use to marketing and getting knowledge, because what if my conspiracy is real?!!


Please 🙏🙏🙏  Share this, we don’t want human civilization to be controlled by bunch of elites.

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