Why love of living alone indicates intelligence

Have you ever noticed how highly intelligent people always like to spend time in alone? Why is it so? Why is that every single highly intelligent person on this planet likes to spend at least an hour in alone? 

And by alone, It means without any electronic device, without any newspaper or books and even without your own thoughts. Today were are going to look at some of the reasons why.   

It indicates being emotional intelligence

If one knows how to stay alone in solitude, this means that he/she is pretty well organized emotionally. More organized and in control than 99% of the people on this planet. 

Most of the people, if said to stay alone by themselves, will mess with their own thoughts and go into an infinite stream of anxiety, whereas if you enjoy being in solitude, this directly indicates how emotionally well organized you are with yourself. 

It indicates that you are not feeling lonely

Some people confuse being alone with being lonely, this is not true, specially for people who like solitude.

 Being lonely is when you are full of material objects and empty by yourself whereas being alone simply means being without people or distractions of any kind. 

This means that you can be with a group of friends and still feel lonely and you can live alone forever and can always be full of yourself. 

Most of the great inventions came out in alone time

Whether it be theory of relativity, alternate current or the lightbulb, all inventions came out in the mind of these geniuses when they were completely alone by themselves. 

Thomas Edison said that while being alone, he always spent time in solitude and requested the universe to bless him with a idea that can make his future bright. So he got it. Being alone also increases the brain waves frequency to an alpha level. 

It relaxes your brain

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In this world of hyper-stimulation, where you are always surrounded by distractions, spending some alone time without any of those distractions will make your brain rewire itself and make you more comfortable to focus on a task for longer periods of time. 

When performed a brain waves scan on the people who loved to spend time alone, it came out that they normally lived in a state of complete relaxation (Alpha brain waves state) where as normal people who loved to be with distractions imitated Beta waves (The state of anxious mind). 

Not only will it make you feel relax all the time, it will also help you to cope the most dangerous situations in your life with a calm mind. 

So if you also are a fan of spending time alone in solitude, you should work on yourself and unleash your true potential. And please comment down if you like this article

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