Why living in the present is not a good Idea

Have you ever come across people who suggest that living in the present moment will automatically solve all your problems? While it’s true that it helps people reduce anxiety and depression, it is not the best thing to follow if you are not suffering from anxiety or depression. Below are the reasons why

Your brain is super powerful for that

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Your brain is a result of millions and millions of years of evolution. It is the most complex thing we’ve encountered till now. Even more complex than our universe’s existence. Your brain can do many things at once and you can make yourself anything you wish. 

Living in the present means eating an apple while eating an apple, this is good for people with anxiety disorder, but for normal people, you can f*king think of complex physics while eating a apple.

 So why just eat and apple to eating an  apple, you can think of whatever you want that can be beneficial for you while eating an apple. 

Living in the present is not equals to mindfulness

Mindfulness is not living in the present, this is a misconception. Mindfulness is cherry picking your thoughts by observing them in the present moment, but it’s not living in the present as people say. 

Mindfulness is very very important in your daily life, it allows you to respond to situations and events instead of reacting to it. By simply living in the present you tend to react to thing instead of responding to it. 

Why mindfulness is not equal to living in the present is simply because you have to get out of the present moment while observing your thoughts, you cannot do both at once. 

You will be a sheep of the system

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People say, don’t think about the future, neither the past, just simply live in the present. This is extremely dangerous because this is not how the world works. You have to think about your future every single day if you wanna survive in this world. If people like Edison would’ve never imagined the future of AT&T, we wouldn’t have got the light bulb at all. 

If you only live in the present do not think about the future or do not learn from the past, then the people who think about the future will control your life while you would be still living at the present moment. 

You would be working at corporate giants who think about the future and assign those tasks to people who execute it in the present. So it’s your choice what you want to become

You won't make full use of your time

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Not gonna lie, living in the present and enjoying all the little things in life is nothing less than a heaven. But if you think rationally, there’s no heaven without sacrifice, at least that’s what Jesus taught us (and I am not even a Christian). 

Something bigger is waiting for you if you work towards the future, much more bigger than the little pleasures you take by living in the present. While living in the  present is the best medicine with people with anxiety and depression issues, it is absurd for normal conscious human beings.

 Make use of your consciousness to shape the future and always try to expand your consciousness while still spending some of the tine in the present moment

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