3 Ways to overcome information overload

Information overload is a very serious problems in today’s world of social media, it directly affects your cognitive abilities and make

your brain overflow with unnecessary information which mostly remains unused by your brain, below are the 5 ways in which we can overcome information overload : 


1. Meditation can help you reduce information overload

Meditation is a practice in which you shut down every single thing which bothers you and focus on something neutral like your breathe,  a mantra,  your surroundings or the sound of birds chirping (if possible), meditation literally removes information from your brain which is not required for your brain. 

Meditation also boosts your cognitive ability and the ability to process the tons of unrequired information that you gather through social media and other sources of information. 

There are different types of meditation like mantra, vipassana, samadhi, etc. and you should choose which meditation to do completely based on your own interests. Meditation is by far the best way to increase discipline and decrease information overload

2. Making a habit of consuming the right information

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If you have no dreams and goals at all, I am sorry to say but information overload will catch you, no matter how fast you run. You need to make a strong decision towards your goal and consume only information that helps you achieve your goal, anything else should be annihilated from your routine. 

If you don’t have a goal and don’t know where to go, you will only go where the society takes you forcefully, and that is towards self destruction. The reason why most people fail in today’s society is not because they don’t have to proper skills or information, but they lack a clear cut goal

Without a clear goal in your mind, the only thing you will do is sit all day scrolling social media and consume random content that social media is throwing towards you, which will not even help a bit in becoming successful. 

3. Applying stoic principles can also help in overcoming information overload

Most of the time, we use social media or other unuseful information sources because either we don’t have anything motivating to do, because our dopamine rewarding system is hijacked by these hyper stimulating activities or when we are sad and are failed at doing something which we were master at doing. 

Both of these problems can be solved if you apply Stoic principles in your life. Stoic philosophies came from the school of Stoa of Ancient Rome where a man named Zeno found Stoicism after he lost all his money, power and fame in a natural disaster after which he founded stoicism which allows people to deal with even hardest of the situations in their lives

These set of philosophies were also used by some of the most famous people that we know today like Warren Buffet and Nelson Mandela. Instead of  keep whining about our problems, Stoic philosophies allows us to deal with them practically without putting much emotions in it.

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