3 Steps to increase focus by 3x in 30 days

Having focused on your work is the single most important thing that you need to become successful. It does not matter what you do. Doing focused work is the key to success in any field, be it music, business, art or your 9-5 job. Doing your work intuitively is the thing that is going to get you promotions in jobs, profits in business and audience in any kind of art. In this article, we are going to look at a 3 step formula to boost your focus 3x in 30 days. 

Step 1 : Reduce the use of social media

After reading this step, many people would be like : “What!! Isn’t social media compulsory for survival?!!”. No!! It’s not. And apart from destroying your soul, overuse of social media can destroy your intuitive abilities a.k.a your focus. Let me explain how. See, when you surf through any type of social media, you generally look at a post or a video for 3-4 seconds and that is very low time to focus on something.

 It’s maximum after 10 seconds that you scroll down to look at some another piece of content. So because of this, your brain reprograms itself on focusing things for short amount of time. This is the reason you cannot study for long time anymore like you used to do when you were in school.

See, I know it’s not easy to leave social media or reduce time to just 15mins to  half an hour  BUTTTT!! I don’t care if it isn’t easy and neither does success cares. If it’s a little bit hard, then be it!! If you have to meditate 10 mins daily to leave this habit, so be it. Success doesn’t care about your softness, it only cares about how much effort you put in to improve yourself. And by social media, I am only talking about some platforms like Facebook , Youtube,  Instagram or Instagram reels that are attention seeking giants. You can always surf through platforms like Medium, Pinterest, Hubpages or Linked-in which increase your focus because you spend your time reading articles or searching for productive topics there. See Facebook or Instagram can be a good thing if you use them for marketing and just following motivational and informative pages. But don’t let them reduce your attention span

Step 2 : Start doing tasks that take time

By saying “do tasks that take some time”, I do not mean in anyway to scroll through Instagram for 1 hour. No!! You have to indulge in taks like reading articles, or books or maybe hitting the gym or playing soccer. Start doing some tasks that reqiures a single-minded attention to complete it. Because that is what will increase your attention. Do not do multi-tasking until it is important. You have to make sure you are not distracted in between of any tasks. Video games are also great ways to increase your focus, because a person generally plays a video game with all his focus for more than 1 hour straight. Just be sure that you don’t get addicted to it. 

This means you should first list out the tasks you  like to do the most. And then choose the tasks out of them which requires a single-minded focus to accomplish it. Also, doing tasks which fire you up from inside is a great way to increase your focus drastically, something like your life-goal or working on your dream can be a good thing to do if you want to increase your focus and also, it will increase your self-esteem and mind-stability as a plus-point.

Step 3 : Practice mindfulness

If you don’t know what is mindfulness? It’s a way of living where you only focus on the present moment without worrying about anything else. Something working on your dreams without fearing about failures and even if you fail, learning from that failure without regrets. How mindfulness increases focus is that it keeps you concentrated on the current task you are doing. That means all your attention will be on what you are doing currently (reading this article). 

A constant state of mindfulness can be achieved with daily meditation. Mindfulness also :

  • reduces unwanted stress and anxiety
  • provides emotional stability
  • increases memory power
  • increases cognitive abilities 
  • increases problem solving abilities 

As research continues, increases in gray matter density in different brain structures show promise for positive brain changes.

These changes can help improve your focus and enable you to remember what you read more thoroughly. To a higher degree, practicing mindfulness may help you to take more control of what you think about, enabling more space for learning new things, remembering what you have just read, and increasing long-term memory.

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