5 Reasons why love is nothing but a psychological Delusion

Have you ever loved someone more than your life?  I’m sure you would’ve loved your mom or girlfriend more than your life. But why??

Now you may think what a Psychopath I must be to ask such a horrible question right? I mean why wouldn’t you love your family and spouse? Well, you’re right in thinking that, but here’s a twist. 

Below are the five reasons that love is a total delusion

Reason 1 : Love to spouse is attached to survival

What are humans? approx 3.5 Billion years ago, in a completely lifeless earth, some molecules started to show some irregular behaviour.

These molecules formed a certain structure and then started to copy themselves. The molecules are named Genes. 

Now, some genes started to form a different structure from the original ones, which we call the “female” gender and came to a concensus that they would survive better if they reproduce  and thrive together. 

after another billion years of bla bla bla evolution bla bla, here we are!! 

Now what is it gotta do with love? Well genes are selfish, and seek only one thing, and that is survival. By survival, I mean passing genes to next generation so they could stay immortal. 

So, genes gradually developed emotional conditions in human brain so that they can pass the genes away and make us feel good about it. This is what we call “love”.  

So, all we do is make a partner feel good so that we can pass the genes away. Maybe consciously, maybe unconsciously. 


Reason 2 : Love towards your parents

Looking it from a scientific perspective with zero emotions, love between children and parents is totally mean. How? 

As I said earlier about passing genes, our parents completed their mission in life, they passed their genes to us. 

So what their genes will make them do is to make sure we, their passed on genes survive. 

So they provide us with food, shelter, and every other thing to survive. And we love them back because our survival becomes absolute because of them and our mind makes us feel good about it. 

Reason 3 : Love towards friends

Ok, so what about friends? They aren’t necessary  for passing genes right? That means love is real right?

No!! This has a very interesting explanation , When we were primitive beings, a.k.a cavemen,  It was too dangerous to live and hunt alone. 

So, for more chances of survival our brain developed a system which rewarded us with dopamine (feel good hormone) for living with herd, which in today’s terms, we call “friends”.  

Reason 4 : Love to God

When we went primitive to some what conscious creatures, we consciously started observing things around us. The trees, the animals, the mountain, etc. 

Now because back then, we didn’t knew about science, a question stumbled upon our primitive minds : “Who made all this?!! Where did all this come from?!!”. 

Then one of us may have thought of an all-mighty person who could’ve made it. We thought how powerful he must’ve been if he created all this, so we should hail down to him. 

Primitive people in different locality thought of different ideas of the supreme bullshit being, and so, religions were born.  

Reason 5 : There is no reason

Even after giving such powerful arguments with “love being a delusion”, I am admitting that love is REAL!! Why?

Some humans really take love to the conscious level. They keep up with their wife lovingly even after they know that she can’t bear child. Some parents take care of the child even after knowing that their child is impotent. 

Some people believe in a very mature perspective of god which even co-relates with science and some people are ready to die over their friends. 

So, yeah, the conclusion is that love is real!! But only for 1% people which perceive it with consciousness. Other 99% are living with primitive delusion and dogma.

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