5 Important lessons from the anime Hunter X Hunter

There is no doubt that Hunter X Hunter is by far one of the best anime that was ever on this planet. I is no doubt a masterpiece. In today’s article, we are going to look what real life lessons do we learn form this fantastic anime

1. Curiosity increases power

The only reason why Gon , Killua and Kurapika are so above the head strong in this anime is because they are always curious about everything and want to learn everything. Even if Killua is a trained assassin, he starts to behave like a child one he sees a new power or technique. 

Gon on the other hand is born this way, he is curious about everything, even if it doesn’t benefit him. He is pure heartedly curious and wants to learn as much as he can, this is the only single reason why Gon has the most potential in the entire series. 

2. Anything can be achieved with the company of a true friend

Now let’s admit, either you watch Hunter X Hunter or not, but you would definitely would have heard of friendship of Gon and Killua from someone or on some forum or website. 

Those are the only two people who are like the universe to each other. One can stake his life for another without hesitating for a single second, and this is why they are depicted as specials in this series.  

They achieved many goals together, even in situations like the hunter exam where one has to defeat another in order to reach the bottom of the tower to get the hunter’s license, they found a way out to get it for both. 


3. At the end, things will always go right

Killua was a mas murderer, a pro assassin whom even the most dangerous mafias in the world feared and all this was at only the age of 12. He became a pro assassin and a killer because he was tortured like hell by his family, he was given 1000 volts of electric shocks, poison in his food and 10000 lashes with a belt, everyday at the age of 6. 

But when he left the assassination business and met Gon, he instantly felt a sense of compassion towards other lives. He himself was shocked because he never thought that he can be a normal person with friends and family. 

4. Complete your goal, even if the price is your life

Kurapika is a character in this series who casted a spell on himself to increase his abilities to kill the Phantom Troupe (the people who killed his family). But what’s more dangerous was his commitment towards killing the phantom troupe. 

He casted the spell into his heart and promised to himself that if he fails to kill the phantom troupe or he uses the power on any other person except the members of phantom troupe, his heart would burst and he would die. 

Now don’t try to do this in real life, failure is an option in real life. But put all your life force into completing  a single task even if it means sleepless nights and tons of sacrifices

5. Darkness cannot be killed by darkness

Kurapika at the end understood that killing two members of phantom troupe was enough, because the rest of the members were turned soft after the death of the two of their members.

They solved all the issues with Kurapika and then went to their home town to live. Kurapika came to an understanding that darkness cannot be killed by darkness, it can only be killed by light of truth, compassion and forgiveness. 

Though the phantom troupe turned bad again, but Kurapika’s heart was now completely changed and he knew that killing is not an option, tons of other options are there to escape a situation. Although he always considered killing as the last option. 

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