5 Reasons why GitHub-Copilot is not the end of programmers

GitHub Copilot is a new Artificial Intelligence based algorithm that write codes automatically just on one line of command. Programmers are fearing it and this article might reduce their stress. 

 GitHub copilot is already in it’s preview phase and gonna be launched soon. Many programmers including Linus Torvalds are saying that it will eat out programming jobs to an extent. 

While that may be true at a very small scale, but if you see a bigger picture, it is the best thing in the world of programming. Below are the five reasons why GitHub copilot will not replace programmers (at least for next 50 years). 

1. It does not have cognitive functions like humans

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While Github copilot may write huge chunks of code on just a natural language command, it does not know how to create a whole software itself. 

This means that it is nothing but a helping hand extension just like Tabnine or kite. It will just make the job for logical programmers more easy by eliminating boring tasks so that all programmers have to do is think

But is also dangerous for programmer who usually copy code from stack overflow and bootstrap to just make a project, because copilot will eliminate all the non-cognitive tasks. 

2. System architect jobs will become more available

As said before, copilot leaves coders with only one task, and that is of thinking. As of now in the industry, there are a few project managers and system architect and a lots of coders

But soon, this is all going to change, there will be more and more openings for project managers, system architects and leader than coders who just write code manually or copy paste from stack overflow

So all you have to do is shift from coding to programming. Programming means to design the whole system, and to code is to write the requirements for the system.. 


3. The boom of entrepreneurs

GitHub copilot will so much opportunities that every 1 out of 20 person will be a successful entrepreneur with a six-figure salary. Why so?

Because of copilot, manifesting your ideas into reality will be way easier than it is now, and also, the efficiency of writing code will go out of the roof along with decreased expenditure on hiring coders. 

And also, more entrepreneurs means more jobs, and more jobs means more money in the economy. India better start using it

4. Nerds will become inevitable

Boss : “Hey Josh, here’s a order from a client for a flutter application. He is paying $1000 for it. It should be ready within one week”

Josh (after 2 hours): “Here’s the complete software boss, now where are my $1000?”

This is what your conversation with your boss will look like if you are a nerd and are enthusiastic to use Copilot. Making even industry level applications will be so easy that even a 3 year old child could do it.  

5. The civilization will be moving forward at a higher rate

What if AI out casted every single thing that humans used to do? That means humans will be doomed without jobs right? 

No, it will be the exact opposite. If we tomorrow develop a artificial super-intelligence, then it will solve all the problems of mankind. From food to religious conflicts. 

This will either lead to a complete devolution and doom of the human civilization (10% chances) or it will make earth a living heaven (90% chances) and this is exactly what is happening now with the coding and programming. 

So don’t worry too much, just meditate, study and focus on a good diet plan and mental health. ALRIGHT?

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