5 Reasons why our generation is so fragile

Are you one of generation-z  and think why this world is so cruel? Or are you a grumpy boomer and wonder why is generation-z so fragile and weak, both mentally and physically?

Below are the reasons which will answer all your questions : 

1. Our generation has been highly pampered

Some people in generation z are 20 and are still living with parents. While if you look at boomers and gen-x, most of them started working at 16 and left their house at 18.

Sadly, gen-z kids are so much pampered with care and fragility that they don’t even know how to fill a bank form without the help of others.

 Most of the gen-z kids don’t even know how the real world works outside their computers and social media. Gen-z thinks getting famous on social media is the ultimate aim of human kind. This seems dangerous to me as a gen-z kid myself. 


2. Lack of privacy

An average gen-z kid even shares his virginity loosing date on social media. Gen-z kids cannot live without sharing every moment of their life on social media. 

They never saw how world actually looks in it’s purest form and how beautiful and cruel it is at the same time. Kids in my generation don’t think on their own, they always need a social media influencer who thinks for them. 

They don’t know how to read books, articles and research papers and think that social media can solve all their problems. 


3. Hyper-stimulation

Scrolling through social media content and high speed internet porn which releases dopamine (feel good hormone) roughly equivalent to cocaine (213 units) and stuffing their mouth with high calorie junk food with highly addictive substances is somewhat a daily schedule of a gen-z kid looks like. 

They are so much surrounded by high level stimulations that the normal things in life start to seem boring and waste to them. 

99% of the generation-z is on social media (any kind) and 80%  scroll through social media more than 3 hours a day. 

4. They are not connected to themselves

In this world of hyper-stimulation and hyper-connectivity, gen-z is connected to every person except for the most important one, themselves.

 People are not at all connected to themselves, they get addicted to social media  at very young age which leads them to loose their consciousness in this stimulative world. 

90% of the generation-z thinks that it’s ok to not think about the future and loose yourself because of these highly stimulative sources. That’s a percentage which indicates doom level danger for our civilization. 

5. Ignoring spirituality

I know, believing in a faith blindly is dumb, but what’s dumber is to believe that we should be addicted to porn and masturbation, become slaves of physical and material pleasure and totally ignore the spiritual aspect of life

Even if you are an atheist, you should try to stay away from materialism as much as possible and should try to chase a goal that is more important to you than your life. 

There would be only 1% gen-z kids who are ready to sacrifice their everything for their goals. We should try to increase this number, only then can be fragility of our generation be healed. 

Bonus point : They also think that exercise is optional. No it’s not guys!!

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