How to expand your consciousness and gain control over your mind

our human mind, the most wonderful thing in the universe, even more than black holes.. It can solve maths that even supercomputers can’t & it is the reason our whole civilization is so developed. But its’s a very grim thing that day by day as our technology is developing, we are loosing our higher consciousness and becoming slaves to dopamine addictions like p*rn, alcohol, drugs, fast food, sugar, etc. Some people are loosing their consciousness because they are living in the digital world more than the real world. 

In this article today, we are gonna look at some tips & tactics to gain your consciousness back again and fully control your mind

Don't let anyone mess with your mind

See, if you are on an entrepreneurial journey (like me) or some other journey of your life, a lot of people will try to mess you up. They’ll degrade you, defame you and sometimes even try to crush your self esteem on purpose. For me, it is my dad. Whenever I tried something new, he always came and said that I’ll fail. I mean that must be normal, but man o man!! He is such a toxic narcissist. 

Then I found out the easiest way to escape from this thing, just stop telling people your next step!! “WORK IN SILENCE THEN CELEBRATE WITH A BOOM”. Follow this principle. And always remember that the “people who are trying to pull you down are already below you”. So in simple words, stop giving a fuck!! 

Practice mindfulness

Now this is a thing which changed my whole life. Practicing mindfulness was the best decision I ever made in my life. I had  a chronic problem of anxiety induced gag reflex, and tbh, It hurts so bad when when your gag reflex hits. But then I found out that some philosophy like mindfulness exists in this world. See, the moment you start being mindful, 90% of your problems vanish. Because your 90% problems are created by your own mind due to the overthinking of past or future.

But if you start to stay in the present moment and working for your future, you eliminate 90% of your problems and believe me, you’re gonna have a bright future my friend. And plus, you’ll have the cognitive abilities to solve the remaining 10% problems. You just have to focus what is in front of you and poof!! all problems are gone in a second. Just don’t overthinking things before doing anything. If you wanna go to the gym, just go, if you wanna hang out with friends, just do it. There are no reasons not to.  You can also try mindfulness meditation for 10 mins a day, your results will boost more rapidly.  Meditating will also release feel good hormone (dopamine) in your brain which will uplift your mood and keep you satisfied without watching p*rn or sniffing cocaine. 

Spending some time alone will expand your consciousness

Spending some time alone with yourself will workout more than fine. You’ll start to discover new things about yourself as well as your mind and higher conscious. You can start meditation, journaling, writing, listening to music or podcasts etc. You will start to feel more satisfied from Inside. And some people confuse being alone with being lonely, it is not the same. A person like Chester with all the crowd and clout around him can feel lonely whereas a person like Elon Musk can work 16 hours in a room alone and still feel satisfied while lying down on the bed. Because being alone (without social media or call) improves your critical thinking and and helps you to expand your consciousness. I personally burn an Incense stick, put it on my aromatherapy fountain and start meditating or looking at it. It is such a beautiful experience. This is a great way to enjoy the complete solitude. This maybe a little tough for extroverts but you have to remember that you are the only person who is gonna stay with you till the end. So if you have any toxic relationships with friends or family, it’s ok to cut them off. See, I am telling you all these because I was alone for straight 7 months in lockdown and then I discovered my philosophical, entrepreneurial and spiritual side of life. So if any of you are not happy because of lockdown, stop!! because you may never get this golden opportunity again.

Have a strong purpose in your life

“IF YOUR DREAMS DON’T SCARE THE SH*T OUT OF YOU, THEY ARE NOT BIG ENOUGH”. Having a strong purpose in life  is something that truly makes you different from others. Putting Instagram captions like “I am not special  I am just a limited edition” aint gonna make you a limited edition. What will truly make you a limited edition is having a strong purpose in life. A purpose that starts a fire inside you just by thinking of it, a purpose on which you can sacrifice you social life, time , sleep etc. 

This is the thing that will make you special because in reality, 99% of people don’t have a purpose in their life and probably, they’ll never have one. They’ll just have live the “normal” life like a “normal” person and die “normally”. If you wanna stay normal it’s fine, but if you truly have a burning desire not to do 9-5 for 40 years, you have to decide your future…!! Just decide your goal and work f*king hard for it!! And always remember that “FAILING AINT FAILURE, THERE’S A DIFFERENCE “. There is no rich guy in this world who had not failed for more than 100 times. Failure and mistakes are the two thing that truly teaches you, not your middle class minded parents or teachers. So remember, never be afraid to fail.

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