5 Reasons why entrepreneurs do not care about money

Have you ever wondered why people like Steve Jobs say that money does not matter, but they are actual billionaires in real life? Below are the five reasons why an entrepreneur does not care about money, but still has lot of it: 

They treat money like a slave

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Treat money like a slave and humans like friends, this is basically the mindset of  every single entrepreneur with hefty of financial knowledge and a billion dollar company. 

Entrepreneurs know for a fact that a money can be treated like a slave to make more money by constantly investing it in something. If you let your money rest in your bank account, the inflation will rise automatically and your money will decrease in value. 

So the best way to not let become your money useless is to constantly increase it with double or more rate than the inflation rate. For eg: In India, the average inflation rate is 5%, so if you don’t increase your money by at least 5% per year, you are actually loosing your money .

And entrepreneurs know this fact, so they go hard on money and make to work to make more money. Unlike some people who treat money with actual human emotions. 

They want to control money

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Read the title carefully, it says “entrepreneurs do not care about money”, but this does not mean entrepreneurs do not know the importance of money, they know for sure that 90% of your problems can be solved by using money. 

But this does not mean we should keep our lives for money. We should control money, and do not let money control us. Most of the people who are doing jobs are controlled by money. 

An entrepreneur knows that money cannot be taken in controlled if you constantly be stressed about money. A tensed person is just a personification of failure ,and entrepreneurs know this fact.


Money is the direct byproduct of your value provided

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Money does not give a damn about how much you are stressed about it you or how much you desire it. It is simply your actions which depict the flow of money in your life. The more value you provide to the society, the richer you will get, and entrepreneurs know this fact too. 

What do you think was Steve Job’s main motive? Was it just earning money? No, it was providing value to the population of 200 million by introducing a product that changed their entire lives. 

Because of the Macintash and the i-phone many people were able to do tasks which would normally take 2 years for humans to do in just matter of seconds just with clicks on a  touchable screen. 

Entrepreneurs are hungry to provide value to the society and know that money is just the byproduct of the value provided.  

Skills are more important than money

As we said before, money is the direct byproduct of the actions you take to provide value to this society. But the question arises that how would a person provide value to the society?

The answer is by developing industry specific skills and a hardcore business logic. Industry specific skills like coding and mechanics surely takes time, but the outcome is generally awesome. 

An entrepreneur in general, invests in his skills more than anything because he knows that what makes him different in this society is not a tons of money, but it’s his skills which he has developed through heavy accumulation of knowledge and a burning desire to learn new things.

Time is more important than money

“Waste your money and you will be out of money, but if you waste your time, you will be out of a part of your life”. And entrepreneurs  are surely aware of this.

Most people look at their bank accounts with great attention and assess how much money they have to spend, to invest, and to give away… But, they don’t look at their time the same way, and end up wasting this incredibly valuable resource.

 Time is not a physical object like money that we can bend with our means. And while you can put more and more time into making more and more money, you can’t use more money to purchase even a second worth of time.

Time does not care how much you earn, you have to put your time in earning or learning, that is the only way you can potentially free your future time by creating passive income.


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