7 cool human psychological tricks

1. Admit that you are a noob

Here’s a situation for you : Let’s say you are first time in your life, going to give a speech on the stage, would you be nervous? Yes of course, will people laugh at you? Yes, they will, but there is a trick to avoid this gimmick. 

Simply before you start, say to the audience that this is your first speech, now after saying this, two things will happen, first is that your confidence will rise because you let go your fear, and second is that the audience will not laugh at you even if you crumble a bit. 

Why so? Because the human mind works that way. People simply encourage people according to simple human ethics. 

2. Ask for a small help to make friends

Well you see a cute boy/girl and you want to make him/her a friend of yours, but howw would you do it without being awkward? Well, simply go to him/her and ask for a small help like water, or maybe anything else. 

No person rejects doing a small help like giving a sip of water. So after she/he helps you thank him and praise him a little. The moment you do that is the moment you build a connection between you and her/him, so the next time you both meet, you’ll see each others as friends.

3. People always support the weak ones

Ever wondered why Kyle Jenner is not as liked as  Elon Musk or Bill Gates? Well they all are billionaires right? Well that’s because of the reasons that people like Bill came from a poor family, once they were weak and came from the bottom whereas people like Kyle were already rich.

So even if you are from a millionaire’s family, even if it means lying, always show the world how hard you hustle, how hard you worked for your dreams. That was also one of the key reasons behind Elon Musk’s success.

Now of course people will not support a weak that just roams around. You need to make a plan and take actions.

4. Challenge instead of request

The easiest way to make people do what you want them to do is to challenge them, touch their ego a little bit so that you can push their rage in a specific direction for your use.

Is your child not working hard on studies? Well instead of scolding or requesting him, challenge him and say that you challenge him that he can’t bring 90% marks and then see what happens

5. For negotiations, show disappointment

99% of the time while negotiating with someone, only two thing happen, either you feel like a looser or the person in front of you feel like a looser, but there is an easy way to avoid this hoax.

Show disappointment. For eg. You went to a local market to buy a shirt, you saw a stall selling a nice high quality shirt for $30 (Rs.2400), and you want it for $25, now just go to stall and say something like “Your shirt is very awesome sir, but it’s sad that I don’t have $30, but anyways, the shirt is very awesome”. See what happens next. 

6. To avoid someone's wrath, sit next to him

Have you broken your daddy’s car headlight? Or did something like that which you should do and now a person is angry? 

Well to escape his unimaginably dangerous wrath, just go and sit next to him. No direct eye or face contact subconsciously suggests a feeling of negotiation. So you can try it but don’t just make a habit of escaping your deeds like this

7. Warm your hand for better self impression

That we judge people by their handshakes is a cliché, but it’s a cliche for a reason — it’s true. Ensure you make the best possible first impression by simply rubbing your hands together before you meet someone important.

Your palm will be warm and dry, and you’ll be on your way to impressing right out of the gate.

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