Why capitalism is better than socialism – 5 Reasons

So, what do you think is better? A system where everyone need to work hard like hell to even survive and then enjoy lifetime leisure after hard work, or a system where everyone is treated equally, even people with extra-ordinary talent. 

Capitalism is the best system which allows poor people to become rich, the only problem it has is that the rich can prevent more poor people becoming rich. Below are the 5 reasons why capitalism is better than socialism.  

1. capitalism follows the law of nature

Survival of the fittest” is a law of nature which every single being on this planet have been following since billions of years, but now, some people are trying yo override it. 

We might say that some people already overrode it already, because we can see many fat ass unemployed people in our society who don’t want to develop their skills because government is providing welfare for survival. 

Socialists want to give every person equal amounts of wealth distribution, and this can be dangerous and frustrating for people with huge extraordinary potential. 

2. Visionaries love it because it encourages innovation

Do you think people like  Andrew Carnegie  and Henry Ford could’ve been as famous, influencing and impact creating as they are now with a flawed system like socialism? No!!

Socialism straps off the free will to take visionaries their power, without which, change is impossible. Innovation is encouraged the most here.

If  a person discovers a new formula of some new drug that can help cure cancer, he can have patent on it and can charge as much amount as he wants, because he deserves it for saving so many life.

 Now of course, if the person is smart enough to make the formula himself, he would also be smart enough to keep the cost as low as that poor people can buy it. 

3. It Allows poor people to become rich, unlike socialism

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Socialism does not allow a person to capture the whole market, even if that person is highly talented and has better personality traits than anyone else on this planet. 

A socialist system is a literal hell for rational thinkers and talented personalities, it does not allow a person to go all out and conquer the whole world with his intelligence and keenness.

In a capitalist system, the person who has talent or a unbreakable will to work extremely hard, is the person who is supposed to conquer the world.  

4. It allows great leaders to take charge

Which country would you prefer to live in? one which is controlled by some bunch of idiots, masses manipulated by communism, leftist propagandas and lies, or in a country which is controlled by some people who truly deserve to control it. 

Most people don’t know what to do with their lives, then what is the bad in letting some leaders guide you how to live? 

This does not mean in any way that the leaders will control you in any way, but they will show you the way to succeed with hard work and passion. Would you rather listen to normal people or would you listen to a person who has next level intelligence and keenness? 

5. It is fare and square

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  • In capitalism, the formula of your income is like this : 


  •  And in Socialism, it is :


Free will is almost strapped off in a socialist system, a person is not allowed to capture the market and capitalize on it even if he has the abilities to ,  a person shall not become a leader and guide the society towards a brighter path even if he has the abilities to do so. 

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