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5 Ways in which being quiet will help you

Being silent is a thing which not certainly all of us can do, as soon as we meet someone we know, we always go all out and say them everything we have inside of us, or sometimes we don’t speak up where we need to. 

If you look carefully at most of the successful people like Thomas Edison or Nikola Tesla, they were people who mostly kept their mouth shut and spoke only when there was a need to. 

Below are the 5 ways in which being quiet can benefit you. 

1. Being silent will give you time to respond instead of react to a situation

Have you ever seen people who react to a situation in a very unease manner and then there are some others which calmly think about every situation they be in and them respond to it in a best way. 

If you make a habit of always talking out about what you see immediately, you will also make a habit of reacting to situations quickly instead of calmly responding to them. 

Making a habit of being silent will make your mind a lot more calmer and will also allow you to think critically and respond to a situation calmly instead of reacting to it.  

2. No one will criticize you

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There are two ways to avoid criticism at all, either you do nothing and waste your life around, or do everything but don’t tell anyone about it and shock people with results instead of promises. 

Now the first method to avoid criticism is a very very bad idea because it will make you a literal living dead body, so the second option is the one to choose. 

Instagram does not have to know  every time a new business idea pops up in your brain!! you have to work in silence and then shock with results.   

3. No more boring conversations

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Do you always talk to your friends about topics you don’t have interest in because of peer pressure? Well try not talking about meaningless things for once, and see your world turn around. 

People will be amazed by your patience and will be attracted to you. If you be silent even in some critical situations, people will try to gain your attention. 

They will try to talk about things you like instead of things they like, this way, you can escape from boring conversations.

4. It will increase your creativity

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Just like sexual energy can be transmuted into physical and creative energy, our energy that goes into talking so much can also be transmuted into creativity and critical thinking. 

Why do you think the most creative people on earth like Leonardo Da Vinci and Sir Isaac Newton were one of the most silent people on earth?

It was not like they didn’t liked to speak, but they kept silent because of the reason that their energy was transmuted naturally. Energy transmutation is the greatest thing for your success if you learn to do it right

5. Being silent lowers blood pressure

Just try to be mindful when you talk with someone or when you hear loud noise, you will notice that your heart beat rate starts to increase. 

The more the noise, the more the heart rate, and the more you speak, the more the heart rate increases. 

Being silent without noise or conversation just for 15 mins a day can lower your blood pressure drastically. Remember that noise in your thoughts is also counted as noise here, so you need to be completely silent without any thoughts for 15 mins a day. 

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