5 Reasons why atheists are wrong about god

Atheists, often think that they are improving this world by removing superstitions  and religions. Although they are right in some cases, but most of the time, they are so harsh that they cause mental health issues to rational religious thinkers 

5 reasons why atheists are not doing it right : 

1. They are harsh

They don’t even think for a second before doing extreme level of blasphemy in front of a religious person, and this is true even when the person front of them is as sincere as Keanu Reeves

They just shatter the emotional state of a person who believes in something that they don’t believe. And yet they say “humanity” should be the only religion. Atheists themselves do not have compassion towards emotional state of other humans . 

2. They have double standards

Atheists say that freedom of speech is mandatory in a country and yet they try to suppress the views of people who try to stand against them.

They say they are driven by compassion but still everybody knows that churches and temples do more social work than atheists.

3. Atheists are close minded

Agnostics in this situation, are way better because they have an open mind for the chances of existence of a being like God.  

Atheists are bound to their senses and cannot believe in something they haven’t seen. For eg. If you would have said an atheist 50 years ago that something like sub-atomic particles exists, they would have declared you as an idiot. why? 

Well because their cult leader won’t approve it.

4. They say science is against all religions

Well this may be true in case of some Abrahamic faiths (no hate) but they need to open their mind and see the eastern perspectives too. If so, why did Robert J Oppenheimer would have mentioned quotes from Bhagwat Geeta after the successful test of atomic bomb? 

Well some religions may oppose science, but as far as I know, Most eastern religions are in bound with science

5. They can do anything to go against religion

If religion says don’t kill animals, they will, if religion says don’t drink alcohol, they will, if religion says don’t use abusive language, they will. And this is not for their own pleasure, but for the sole purpose of downgrading religion, even if it costs them their health.

I know some atheists are rational thinkers and don’t believe in god just because the logic of god is retarded for them, and it’s totally fine!! If you don’t wanna believe in god, don’t!! But at least don’t hurt someone else’s feelings and sentiments.

Because at last, we are humans and we have sentiments and also have to ability to suffer. So as an agnostic, I would say to my fellow atheist brothers to not hurt any religious fool’s feelings and sentiments, even if he is dumber than a sloth. 


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