An step by step guide on meditation for beginners

Meditation is an activity that can completely change your life and the way you look at world. Pure your heart and make you a better person in general and in your profession. It will also boost your cognitive ability by nearly 45% in just 3 days. 

But how to do it is a bit of a confusion. So today, we will look at how an average anxiety filled person can do it without getting uncomfortable. 

It is not necessary to do it like a monk

You would probably think meditation as sitting in quite room or on a peak of a mountain, with complete solitude and experiencing the zero state. Well it is awesome, but not for beginners. Meditation is something which is not a rigid activity. 

So even if you go to a temple/church/etc. to sit quietly and pray for 20 mins without any second thought, it is also counted as meditation. Also, something like going to the park and sit quietly to hear the birds chirp mindfully is also a form of meditation. 

So doing something in a calm environment with your whole focus is the first step to get started in mediation. 

Because if you directly go and start to focus on your breath, you will get a rush of thoughts that you will be not prepared for handling.  

You cannot control your thoughts

Many people say that they can’t meditate because they have too much thoughts going on to focus on their breath, in this case, you  must know that the thoughts that you are getting, either positive or negative are not in your control. 

You cannot fight your thoughts, this will only create more anxiety. So the best thing to do is just sit and observe the thoughts you are getting without reacting to them. This can be a bit though, because if you have consumes bad content, web series and pictures till now, your brain will avenge it. 

So monitor your thoughts. Make notes why they are coming. If it is because of bad content consumption, flood your mind with good things. 

It's completely your choice

Meditation is not something  like a holy book. Although it started way back in 7000 B.C in India, there was no religion at that that time. It was only the Vedic philosophies that existed back then. 

So there are many types of meditation, you can try out every one of them to know which one suits you best

1. Mantra Meditation :- This was the original Idea of mediation from the beginning. To focus something on one single word to manifest what you want in your life. You can use the mantras like “Om” to focus. 

2. Mindfulness (Vipassana) :- Just focus on your breath, let the thoughts flow through you and let your mind be empty.

3. Prayer :- Any type of prayer that is done with complete focus is also a form of a meditation.

4. Modern Guided mediation :- Just  plug into a youtube video and do what they say. This is probably the best for beginners. 

5. Chakra Meditation :- A meditation technique which also involves yoga to balance all aspects of your life. We don’t know much about this ancient Indian technique 

See what works for you best and also comment down if you want a full guide on any specific technique.


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