5 Questions that no one can possibly answer

Have you ever wondered what can possibly some questions that even science can answer, well you may already know one or two. In this article we are going to look at 5 questions that even science and any other person cannot answer

Note : Nikola Tesla is an exception

Question #1 : Where are you

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No, this is not about the geographical location, neither is it about where are you in space-time. It’s about where are “you” in your body. To be more precise, where is your consciousness in this body?

As far as science has researched, your body is just a bunch of cells came together millions of years ago to survive, and in this body, the neuron cells are the ones who helps the other cells to survive. So where exactly are you? This still remains a mystery till date.

There is no place in your body where your “self” can reside. This can only mean two things, either all of the world is an illusion or your “self” is an illusion, but we still won’t be able to tell what exactly is “self”.   

Question #2 : What was before this universe

Saying that there was a singularity point before the universe means no sense, because singularity means infinitely small and infinitely dense dense point of time-space. But there is a problem here, infinite is not a number, it cannot be real.

This means singularity is not what was before this universe and it was also what was before the universe at the same time. Absolute nothingness and infinite are something that human mind can possibly never intuit.

Some people like Buddha and Adi Shankaracharya claim that they have experienced nothingness, which is insane!! This joins all the points. Our consciousness is a mystery and so is absolute nothingness.

I can just join the points between them, but can’t exactly tell what does it actually mean as it seems to be unexplainable and something only that can be experienced. 


Question #3 : Why does it even matter

If we all are going to die, why does it even matter? Why does it even matter to be fit instead of munching on utter garbage full of chemicals, why does it even to work for your dreams instead of binging on Netflix?

People would come up with different answer, but no one can exactly tell why, we all are going to die at the end, not to be nihilistic, but this is the absolute truth that no one can avoid. 

Answer to this question can only be our natural instincts and what our consciousness wants from us, but still that’s no answer. This question is someone which can be subjective, but can be never solved.

Question #4 : Is there a God

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This can be a heated topic, because different religions come up with different arguments for there being a god, and different atheists would also come up with rigid judgements. 

But if you ask anyone to prove it based on science, both of them would fail. This is the best case scenario to be an agnostic and accept that we don’t know if god exists or not because that is the absolute truth. 

Possibly, we will never know if there is a god or not. Even mature philosophies on consciousness like  Buddhism and the Vedanta confuses us on this topic, so it’s better to accept that we don’t know and possibly will never know.

Question #5 : What happens after death

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Is there reincarnation like the Vedanta and Buddhism says, or is it heaven and hell like Jesus says, or is it like the atheists say? Even if one of the three is true, how come we know that?
If a person says it’s heaven and hell, how come he knows that? If a person says if it is reincarnation and he remember his past life, what is the rigid proof?

This is the basic and the most simplest of the all 5 question that we mentioned above, but still hard enough to not know human beings what the answer is. Because the answer will only be known to us after death. 

This means we all are going to know the answer one day or the other, till then, just focus on enjoying your life to the very last moment possible.   

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