5 important things to know in your 20s

When I was 14 years old, my mom told me a thing “listen kiddo, time goes fast as you grow up, so better not waste it”. And this seems true, specially now, when I am in my 20s. 

It’s like yesterday that I was 18 and now I am 23 and still, there seems no difference. If you are also in your 20s, you need to learn these 5 things for a successful  and prosperous life.

1. Don't put many efforts in finding a purpose, just take actions

If you are still not sure what to do with your life, that’s fine. But don’t just waste your time in finding a purpose. I’ve seem many people that are age 30 and still trying to find their passion or purpose

Instead what you do is directly take actions. Interested in coding? Just go and learn it, without any second thoughts like “do I really wanna do this?”. Just go and take actions on anything, and eventually, you will come out completely solved. Just try everything

2. You can't please every single person, so quit doing it now

I’ve seen so many people drop their dreams just because their parents told them to do so. I’ve also seen many people not approach an attractive person they liked because of the fear of people judging them. 

How long are you going to keep these little fears rule your life, huh?!! You can please everyone you meet , and even if you do it would be destructive for your future. It’s the reality, accept it or not. 

3. Take small bites

Another rigid reality is that success does not happen overnight, or in one month, or even in a year. If you want success, there’s no other way than taking small actions and making your way through it. 

This does not mean that you will not try hard. My philosophy is that : “Work like success will be immidete but don’t expect that he results will be immidete”. This has helped me massively in my life. 

4. How you do anything is how you do everything

I’ve seen people say “I hate my job, it’s time that I start my own business and leave this crap” and also seen some people say “I am thankful for my job for letting me work for someone else’s business, now it’s time to start my own with that experience.”

What do you think, which person would be a successful businessman? Well of course the second one!! If you don’t have gratitude towards existing things in your life, you won’t achieve anything significant in future as well. 

5. Ask for help

girl, mud, run

You don’t know everything, and you probably can’t, no one can. You will never see great people like Steve jobs doing everything on their own. Now why do they take help even though they have immense knowledge

That’s because you can know many things, but not everything. Knowing many things will eventually cause a need for partnering with other people who also know many things, and If you don’t, you will be stuck at the same place forever. 

So ask for help without any hesitation, It’s not to be shamed for not knowing something.

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