10 Shocking facts about our human brain

Have you ever wondered how this whole civilization was built? Well who built it? It’s not money or emotions, it’s our human brain. Below are some shocking facts about human brain that you might not know.

1. Intellectual peak

Your brain stops growing at approx 25, but that does not mean that it has reached it’s intellectual peaks, cognitive change is a life long process, some skills like memory processing speed may max out at your 20s.

You will excel in facial recognition and problem solving in your 30s and then gain emotional control and empathy in your 40s and 50s. Some selective skills like vocabulary don’t even mature  till your 60s. So matter how old you get, never stop learning.

2. Audible sights

Have you ever heard that if you loose your eyes, your ears will exceed  in capability? Well it won’t make you a super hero like daredevil but yes, a reasearch has shown that people who lost their eyes after living for a decade or above start to see from their ears.

Now what does that means? Well it’s their brain which automatically generates a replica of an object in their brain just by hearing the sound. 

It’s called neuroplasticity. Our brain is so smart that when it stops getting information from the eyes, he bends the sounds and create an artificial world which is replica of the real world in their mind. Isn’t it awesome?

3. Hogging blood

Our brain is only 2% of the body and that is about 1kg of a normal person. Ever wondered how does this small organ controls all of your body? Well it’s because of the distribution of the blood and oxygen in our body. 

Even though brain weighs 2% of your body mass, it consumes 20% of the blood and oxygen produced in your body. That is more than all of your spindle muscles combined. So now you know how this tiny organ manages everything

4. Four miles of blood vessels

Since this organ is so complex and need so much of blood to keep running, there are blood vessels spread across all over your brain, it’s estimated to be 4 miles in length. 

Since it is a very very important organ, our body makes sure that first the blood goes to the brain and remaining to the body. Because if our brain gets less blood in any of the parts of it, serious problems may occur. 

5. Brain Starvation

So now we know that brain requires a much more oxygen than the other body parts. But what if our brain stops getting oxygen? How long will it last?

Well the answer is no more than 3 minutes. Since our brain can’t store any oxygen on it’s own, it expects our body to provide  it with oxygen all day every day. If it stops getting oxygen, we may get severe brain damage and even death may occur.

6. Thousands of thoughts

So you think all day. Think about your girlfriend, think about your exams and many others thoughts including those who shouldn’t be there. But have you ever tried to count them? 

Well an average person thinks about 20000-100000 thoughts per 24 hours. But why 24 hours ? Don’t we sleep? Well we do sleep but our brain doesn’t Our brain never stops, even when you sleep. That is the reason you see dreams. 

Well that may be the reason you may do meditation for some time, It is the only way your brain can relax.

7. Shrinking brains

Who do you think has the biggest brain? Our ancestors or the modern humans? Well despite the fact that we are so smart, our modern human brain is much smaller than our 10000 old ancestors

Not because they were more smarter, but because of the reason that we are much smaller in size, so we have a much smaller nervous system and our body can afford having a small brain

8. The fattiest organ

What do you think? Which of our body organs have the most amount of fat tissues? Well surprise surprise, it’s your brain!! When you think about your brain structure, only 10% of your brain has neurons. And the whole 90% of the noodles covering it are fat tissues. 

Why so? Well your neurons are very very fragile and need a soft environment to grow and work stably, well that is what the fat tissues around it provide. 

9. Dangers of alcohol

Ahh!! A chilled bottle of beer after a long working day with friends .What would be better. But you should reconsider drinking it. Every time you drink a little alcohol, the condition of your brain becomes worse. 

Alcohol effects your brain in ways that include blurred vision, slurred speaking, an unsteady walk, and more. These usually disappear once you become sober again. However, if you drink often for long periods of time, there is evidence that alcohol can affect your brain permanently and not reverse once you become sober again. Long term effects include memory issues and some reduced cognitive function.


10. music can treat alziemer.

Have you ever heard of people talking about how bad Alziemer is? Well most of them don’t even understand what it is.

It is a condition where your neurons get entangled and sticky bits of proteins make the condition worse. Well in this case, listening to music or meditating for a moment might help you synchronize your brain functions.

This can be a long term treatment for alzeimer.

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